Hi guys! I’m Sophie.

Sparkly Ass Bitch is a creative lifestyle blog designed around the belief that artists and designers have so much more to gain and accomplish when they help each other. We share tips, resources, ideas and more centered around being a professional creative! There is room of all of us in the art world so why not help each other get there together?

The mission behind Sparkly Ass Bitch is help our readers leave the site feeling more confident, excited and prepared to tackle their dream of being an artist, whatever the medium may be.


I am the Seattle residing artist, graphic designer and blogger behind Sparkly Ass Bitch! I have been lucky enough to come from a family of professional creatives so I have dabbled in many mediums since I was a child and explored ways to monetize my art starting in my teens. I was raised in California and Nevada but moved to Washington in 2015 to participate in the TechStars Incubator program with my fiance, Grant, and his company.

Even though Sparkly Ass Bitch has shape shifted over the years since inital conception (this blog originally started as a comic tumblr) it has evolved into a channel that allows me to extend a helping hand to artists and creatives looking for it. All of the subjects I write about are issues I have faced, had to educate myself about or just have an interest in (this is why you’ll find the occasional posts about video games, skin care products and my pets.)  At the end of the day, I’m just another creative trying to spread the love!