Top 20 Favorite Fandoms & Geekery

  1. Cats & Cat lady things
  2. Comics
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Michael Crichton Stories (film or written)
  5. Studio Ghibli
  6. Gilmore Girls
  7. Disney & Pixar 
  8. Unicorns
  9. Crafting & Art Supplies
  10. Harry Potter
  11. Skin Care
  12. BBC Nature Docs
  13. Comics 
  14. NASA
  15. Vinyl Records
  16. Tea & Coffee
  17. Pokemon
  18. Travel Efficiency
  19. Video Games & Board Games
  20. The Office 

About Sparkley Ass Bitch and Sophie

Hi there!  I am Sophie, and I am the artist, graphic designer, and blogger behind Sparkley Ass Bitch.  By day I am a designer, content writer, illustrator and cat lady but by night I am a designer, content writer, illustrator, cat lady and unicorn hunter.  The truth is out there, and I will expose the world to the glory of unicorns if it is the last thing I do.  I enjoy being the wallflower in the room and hate when my nails have grown far too long.  I also have been told I am kind of geeky, but I don't really see it as long as I am ignoring the mounds of comics, fan art, video games and other geeky paraphernalia I have surrounding me.  I don't consider myself a traditional geek in a sense, more of a "geek chic" indulger as I love mixing nontraditional fandoms (skin care, travel, etc.) with the classics (animations, comics, video games, etc.). 

My love for all things geeky stems from my deep and early love with the art of comics which is why I decided to start my own one day.  And one day, I hope to have it back on this very site.  But for now, baby steps.  My comics and writing have always been centered around combining reality and the absurd with a sense of whimsy and thinking too highly of herself.

tl;dr: I'm an all-around dork and nerd, who has dedicated myself to a life of learning and growing as she thinks that is important for any artist, which is where the Sparkley Ass Blog comes into play while indulging in my "geek chic" way of life.  Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.

If you would like to collaborate or contribute please send me an email through the form below.


A Little History

Officially launched in 2016, the blog you are reading today was originally born from the associated webcomic, Sparkley Ass Bitch. After tinkering and doodling, the comic wasn't enough for me, and so it grew into a fun-loving, social experiment that included a handful of amazing writers and geeks, to begin with. 
 From the one-woman, never on time webcomic, it grew to a community of like-minded geeks assembled who are passionate about community, content and nerd culture.  Getting back to basics now, I will continue to grow and add more to our collection of posts and interests so that these core values will never change. I am like you, interested in you and want to connect with you, the reader.  I love what this blog is, and love sharing it and appreciate that you have taken the time to participate in your passions with this blog.  This blog will never try to persuade you from being anything but yourself or mislead you from our own self.  What is written and shared is based on a mutual understanding of continuing to keep an open mind, open heart and trust.  The hope is that Sparkley Ass Bitch is a place for our readers to find a vast array of subjects that inspire them to create, explore and live.

Sparkley Ass Bitch is a blog for everyone who associates themselves with geek and chic culture while encouraging them to love themselves wholeheartedly. I aim to have something for everyone and to be a positive place that writers and readers are free to be themselves.  I understand from first-hand experience, being an adult and indulging in your favorite fandoms is often met with snickering and a certain element of judgment.  Fuck 'em.  Be proud of who you are and what you love.  



Interested in Collaborating?

So you came and liked what you saw, eh?  Fantastic!  The Sparkley Ass Bitch blog is a community that is open to ideas and pitches from our readers and future writers.  I am happy to include your insight, stories, illustrations or whatever it is you love to do and want to share especially if it isn't something in my wheelhouse or favored fandom.  Please keep in mind that this is a positive community and that my main goal/mission is to promote and encourage one another.  

What is needed!

Positive attitudes, smart people who love/learning to love themselves and pretty much all of the above.  We are definitely interested in recurring features and opinion pieces, especially on the female nerd culture.  We would love to hear about your experiences, your DIY crafts, your poems and hopes and dreams.  This is a community that is safe, open and judge free.  You have the chance to write what you'd like and express yourselves with very little limitations.  This isn't just a Sparkley Ass Bitch blog, it's a blog for everyone.

What will be passed!

Believe it or not, Sparkley Ass Bitch Blog is a place for acceptance and positivity.  We are not looking for bashing or hate pieces.  We understand that everyone has their stresses and that writing is therapeutic but this is not the place to air dirty laundry or start a fight.  We also really are not looking for celebrity lifestyle insight.  We understand that we all have our concerns for T.Swift and and her #tbt's but this really isn't the blog for that.  We want to hear about YOUR geeky interested and experiences.

We love variety and want to hear about your experiences (especially the geeky ones).  If you have an idea for an essay or want to write a recurring post feature, please, contact us!

Still want to contribute?

Really?  You haven't been scared away?  You must be the brave soul we heard about in the legend.  If you would like to get in contact with us to become a contributor then please use the contact form on this page and send us a brief paragraph of the ideas you would like to write about for Sparkley Ass Bitch Blog.  If you have links to any writing samples or an online portfolio please send that along as well!

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