My Geeky Proposal Story: Warning! No Whale Sharks


With Valentine's day coming up its got me thinking about love.  Specifically my love, Grant, the man who drives me crazy and makes me happiest in the whole world.  Also, the guy I will be getting married to sometime next year.  He recently asked me to marry him, and I said yes because I would have been stupid not to.  Plus, I knew from the moment I saw him that I was going to marry him so. Also, it was about damn time.  Sometimes when you know, you know, and with Grant, I knew, but one thing I never even remotely imagined was how many people would ask how he proposed.  In this day and age, it is not uncommon for proposals to be epic.  Almost everyone I know who has recently gotten engaged have bits where their friends show up from under a small rock after she says yes or a photographer jumps out of the bushes after a whale shark washed up on shore, and she ran to save it, but then it exploded guts and confetti all over her with him standing in the middle of the spot that the whale shark was laying  holding a sign asking her to marry him and the man she was with leading up to that moment had been his secret twin the whole time.  We all have that one whale shark friend and I am happy to report that I am NOT that whale shark friend.

There are no photos, and there was no grandiose gesture.  There was just us, being our most authentic selves - complete geeks.  After the most perfect day, I could imagine my then boyfriend disappeared for a bit and came back holding a small green box I knew he had been hiding downstairs for some time (because I had signed for the package months before). Which was perfect because it was a perfect symbolic gesture of our relationship.  From pretty much the get-go it’s always been “just us.”  Fairly early on, we moved to an entirely new city together, far away from both of our families and because of it, we came to deeply great to love one another, not just as boyfriend/girlfriend but as partners and family to one another.  I’d like to think he thinks of me as his family because I know I think of him as that which is just one of the small reasons I said yes to marrying him.  How lucky is that?  I get to marry my best friend, business partner, family member and arch nemesis when it comes to video games. 

Our story is one of complete simplicity and truthfully, spur of the moment thinking.  We woke up on a Saturday morning and went to our favorite breakfast spot with some of our friends from our industry and had a great brunch filled with intelligent conversation, business development, and lovely debate.  After our breakfast date, we stopped at our favorite cafe to grab some coffee and went home where we proceeded to play video games for the next several hours in bed.  After a few hours of play time, we drove to downtown Seattle and *snuck* into The Internationals 2017 aka one of the largest Esports events in the world.  It’s the Super Bowl of competitive video gaming, and we made it right in time to see the final match and the epic celebration that followed team liquids final win.  

After watching the celebrations, we wanted to keep the fun times rolling so we drove up north to a little wine bar we both love and listened to a fantastic local Bossa Nova band who happened to be playing that night.  We chatted with the amazing people around us who were also there to take in the magnificent music and networked with some high-up artists for Starbucks since that was where the lead singer worked and invited most of her colleagues. 

All in all, it was a wholly inspiring and perfect day, not to mention was the first day that I felt actually "normal" after my dad passing.  For months I felt empty and depressed and I know I was a downer to be around, but grant juggled our life and everything while I was hiding under a rock which I am forever grateful for.  It is good to know you have a partner who can handle the weight when you need some slack.  After we left the club, and I was in my pajamas and already watching The Office, Grant came back upstairs with the little green box and asked me to marry him.

I don’t particularly love sharing “our story” because it doesn’t usually make sense to the people outside of our relationship.  It made sense to us and was beyond perfect.  I don’t prefer being the center of attention when it comes to strangers.  We live far from our friends, and most are spread out so it would have been expensive for all of them to gather and truthfully, it was such a beautiful private moment, as much as I loved them, for us it wasn't the time and place to have a gaggle of people there cheering us on.  I know that he wanted to try to create a story and have something like whale shark girl but at the end of the day, he threw it all out the window and went with his gut for what he wanted and what he thought I wanted which was perfect because it ended up leaving us with a proposal story that is better than an exploding whale shark because it’s just us.