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7 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

7 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is upon us and OH SHIT.  I forgot to get her a gift.  I definitely do not deserve the child of year award even though my mom might still try to argue it (Cheryl, calm down.  I know you love me but this is the internet.  We can’t lie here).  Now the problem is that you see all these amazing things online that you know she would love and perfectly encapsulates the emotion behind Mothers Day but time is of the essence.  Also, on a Sophie note - I hate giving gifts late.  Its like a pet peeve of mine that gets under my skin and makes it crawl.  You know the date, you know when you gotta get it and unless it is the most perfect, amazing, gift sent from heaven I feel like we all should really strive to do our best and give gifts on the right god damn day.

Being that I am trying my best to achieve the above said goal, I have to start thinking outside of the box and find a present IN PERSON *gasp*.  When did shopping become so hard?  Oh yea, when online shopping became a thing.  All of these are presents I would and am considering for my dear old Cheeky mama and are all presents you should be able to find in person-ish.  You might need to do a little hunting but its a list of ideas and thats a start!



I feel like this a safe gift to give your Mom.  If shes anything like mine, then she probably doesn't think to go out and get herself new wallets and the one she has is probably getting a little old and warped.  And really, from a Sophie perspective, I know for myself I hate going and buying a new wallet because it's something I just don't think about but it is always nice to receive, especially if its from a trusted designer such as Michael K.  Though it doesn't have to be a designer or leather.  Pick a wallet you know that your mom would love because you really should know that much about her by now.


What's that?  You haven't heard of Voluspa Candles?  Then do I have a treat for you.  I have turned so many of my friends and family onto these candles because I firmly believe that they are the best.  Firstly, the scents they have are AMAZING.  I am strongly suggesting Laguna because it smells like heaven.  As I write this, my last candle is burning out so I myself need to pick one up because they are just amazing.  Ask Kat.  Or my mom, because there is a good chance she will be getting one of these bad boys for Mother's Day.  They come in a huge variety of scents and sizes and they are actually pretty readily available.  Don't have an Anthropologie near you?  That's fine, Nordstrom's carries the line as well.  Don't feel like going to Nordstrom's (we all have your reasons)?  Call around to your local stationery and gift store boutiques.  This line of candles has become a staple to many boutique inventories (I learned about these candles from working at a lil' boutique myself).




Ok.  So this one you may have to order from Amazon BUT hey - it's early enough in the week to get it in time if you have or know someone who has Amazon Prime.  This gift is perfect for the Mom who is jet setting around the world and has yet to be impressed with an airline cocktail (I'm lookin' at you Caroline).  For some reason, I just find this so cute and clever.  Also, awesome for when you need a good drinky-poo (I know when I fly I sure as shit could use a drink).  Their packaging so cute and simple and just a great little present to share.


Are you still reading?  Did you see the price and decide to boldly venture on?  I promise this is on the high end of spectrum but so, so worth it.  Madewell's leather totes are, well...made REALLY well.  I love them and gush over them because how can something so simple be so classic and awesome?  Oh, that's right.  It's a Madewell tote.  I am probably biased about this, my mom would be too probably if she knew I was considering buying this for her (this is why she should read my blog MOM) but with Madewell's classically timeless styles I feel that their leather tote bags are a great closet staple.  If this is out of your price range then do not fret!  I have found, and purchased, a number of well made, all leather tote bags on Amazon.com (with Prime again) for prices starting at about $40.  They do exist but if you want the best for your mom this mothers day then ------>




So I really can't do this to my mom again, especially since I just got her a big bottle of her favorite perfume for her birthday a few months ago but this set is a great Mother's Day present.  You could actually ask my mom on this because I have gotten it for her in the past for this specific holiday.  Firstly, Flowerbomb is a fragrance that is classic and sweet and clean and I have yet to meet a Mother who wasn't a fan.  You can find this travel set at Sephora and I honestly can't remember the last time I went to one of their stores and I didn't see this set proudly displayed.  You can usually find it in the maze of money (aka the check up line where they put everything you want right in front of you and you usually have to go through a maze to get it - I've never beaten the maze).  


If you have a Williams-Sonoma or Sur Le Table near you then what are you even doing reading this??  Walk in, throw your wallet at something and then go buy it for your Mother.  I think people mistake these stores for just kitchen accessories but there is so much more.  Like this Chevre cheese making kit (that's goats milk cheese for the cheese newbie).  If you mom is a crafter at heart and loves herself some cheese then this could be right up your alley.  I know I listed it at $50 but if you act fast, WS has it on sale for $20.  For that price I might just buy two, one for my Mom and one for myself.




Mom's love La Crema.  It's just science.  Not sure what it is about this wine that Mom's love so much I always see they have a bottle around but I always see bottles of La Crema in different Mother's refrigerators (yes, I go through peoples refrigerators).  Now how great would it be if you got her a membership to their wine club?  The benefits seem pretty nice and La Crema will send her a crate of 4 different bottles for her to try four times a year.  You can pick red wine, white wine or a mix so she can try the variety.  If you call La Crema now and tell them that this is for Mother's Day they will get a custom box out in the mail for her ASAP.

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