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Rules of Cosplay

Rules of Cosplay

Greetings and welcome to my first blog post! I truly hope that my few words of wisdom can help steer you in the right direction. Please keep in mind I am by no means a professional or the best in my field-I'm just a girl that wants to share my knowledge to those new to cosplay and to veterans looking for an extra tip! Cosplay is an art that is always evolving and can always be improved upon! Now what I'd like to share is my personal rules of cosplay. This what I always try to keep in mind when I start planning for my next convention. 

My rules of cosplay:

  1. Start simple!
  2. Make it affordable
  3. Always try to be comfy
  4. You do you


We all love going to conventions of all sorts and seeing the incredibly complex, intricately detailed and seemingly perfect cosplays. I can tell you from experience, unless you have tons of money to throw down, nobody's first cosplay ends up like that. BUT that doesn't mean that your cosplay can't end up just as fabulous if it isn't perfect! Start with the basics. Make a list of all your favorite characters and try starting with the one with the simplest clothing. It's much easier to make a few pieces look amazing rather than a hundred. Now I'm not saying that you can never have a pricey cosplay, we all have our so called ‘Holy Grail’ cosplays that are pricey or incredibly complicated. Just try budgeting and planning for those cosplays when it becomes affordable for your situation. You don't want go broke on one outfit! 


Like most people, I don't have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to throw down on every outfit I’d like to do.

I'm an adult with responsibilities and bills. When I'm looking into doing a new cosplay I go out of my way to find what I need at the most affordable price. The first places I go searching is at my local Goodwill, Savers, Buffalo Exchange, Platos Closet, and any other second hand store I come across. I may not find the perfect match but, through trial and error it’s easy to learn how to sew on an extra accessory, dye a jacket, or hem a skirt to the perfect length. DIY tutorials on the Internet are the perfect way to learn how to do the small tweaking you may have to do to your outfit. My second go-to place for cheap prices is eBay. Although, keep in mind that a lot of the affordable wigs, outfits and accessories you'll find on eBay ship from overseas. Plan on ordering your items at least seven weeks before your event so you have time to try everything on and modify as needed.


Always try to be comfy. I have made the mistake too many times to not include this in my rules. Shoes that are the wrong size or that you've never worn before the event. Bras that are two sizes too small and constricting your breathing. 

Headpieces that are too large and keep falling off constantly. If you're always worrying about your feet hurting or the outfit falling off, you're not going to have a good time. When you find your shoes, especially if they're heels, take time to wear them everyday a few weeks prior to the event to break them in and give your feet a chance to get used to wearing them. Try on your entire outfit at once and walk around your house-is anything falling off? Too tight? Too loose? These are not things you'll want to be dealing with at your event.


Let's face it, sometimes people suck. Even if you have thee most perfect outfit there will always be someone who gets in your business saying how your belt isn't the right shade of blue or your wig isn't quite long enough. Ignore it. You do you, be whomever or whatever YOU want to be! It doesn't matter if you don't have the same skin tone as your favorite character or the same body type or even the same gender!  No matter what level of cosplay you're at, whether it be casual or pro, no matter if you don't look exactly like the character you're portraying, you do you. 

Don't let anyone get you down! As the mother of the great RuPaul said, “Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind!” Whatever you can do, even if it's just the basics, as long as you're having fun it'll be great!

Just remember, above all else, have a good time! When you get to your event meet new people, take a ton of photos, hang with your friends, buy a few souvenirs and feel awesome :3

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