Taking Stock of Happiness

It is so easy to get bogged down by the mean thoughts in your head.  Sometimes it feels almost impossible not to drown out the constant criticism I unleash upon myself, but when I have reached that moment, I like to take stock of all the things that make my happy and focus on that so that is exactly what I have done.  I have written and created a list of all the things that really make me happy and great a giant register for them.

coffee break.jpg
  1. My boyfriend and family
  2. When my cat gets super comfortable and her head looks like a perfect fuzzy circle
  3. Getting packages in the mail
  4. When people call me big Daddy
  5. When I have no alerts on my phone
  6. Doing Fan dances for my cat
  7. Seeing Mickey at Disneyland
  8. Finding new delicious ways to eat beets
  9. Lip syncing to Queen
  10. Face swapping apps
  11. Photoshopping my friends and family into Disney characters
  12. Spending hours at Thrift Stores
  13. Using my Peter Thomas Roth exfoliator and seeing all my dead skin fall off (super gross but satisfying strangely)
  14. Ignoring rude people who are annoying
  15. Singing Don't Rain on My Parade
  16. Running to Macklemore's “Can’t Hold Us”
  17. Funny and cute cat shirts
  18. Going through and tidying up Pinterest boards
  19. Rearranging furniture
  20. Checking off tasks from my to-do list
  21. Filling up my online shopping card with everything I want and seeing how much it would cost
  22. Going to Costco on Sundays with my boyfriend
  23. Flower bouquets
  24. Writing down my goals for the next day before going to sleep
  25. Biting into fresh salmon nigiri
  26. Hot green tea on a rainy day
  27. The number 27
  28. Catching my cat making a funny face
  29. Color coordinated book case (color coordinated everything really)
  30. When my cat scratches her back on the rug
  31. Eavesdropping on interesting/weird conversations 
  32. Scoring major discounts whilst shopping (for realsies tho’)
  33. Packing my suitcase for a trip
  34. Running errands and seeing that I still have half a tank of gas
  35. Unicorns
  36. Disney video games
  37. Neko Atsume game updates with new kitties to attract
  38. Coming up with a blog post I'm super passionate about
  39. Girl trips to Disneyland
  40. Aquariums and Jellyfish
  41. Being outside when the air is brisk
  42. Drawing Cats
  43. Painting everything with liquid gold leaf
  44. Gerald from Finding Dory
  45. Tidying up my house and planning my week on Sunday Nights
  46. Beautiful sushi presentations
  47. Hello Kitty Cafe Truck
  48. Surprising my parents with weird things like pictures of merkins
  49. Beating my dad in the “who can be grosser” game
  50. Novelty light switch covers