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10 Ways to Have Fun on a Monday Night Halloween

10 Ways to Have Fun on a Monday Night Halloween

We have recently been fortunate enough to have a few years of consecutive weekend Halloweens, but alas, as 2016 has slapped so many of us in the face, it brings a Monday Night Halloween. While many of us have already celebrated the holiday with last Saturday's libations, there are still many of us who want to have fun on the timeless holiday and still get up in time for work tomorrow. Impossible you say?  Well, you're right.  That’s it.  Blog post over.


Anything is possible with a willing spirit and alarm clock.  The truth is, as adults we don’t have only to have fun by going out and partying for holidays.  There are so many joys to celebrating these fun days while on the mellow.  Since we are celebrating today, a Monday, I thought I would share with you some of the quiet ways I will be enjoying this Happy Halloween.


I am a sucker for a two-year-old in a peanut costume.  I love giving candy to children, and yes, I am one of those grumpy adults who hate seeing 18-year-olds come up to my house in bras and panties with a pillow case.  But I love the little kids and the joy on their faces that ANOTHER STRANGER IS HANDING OUT CANDY.  This is the one holiday's kids are encouraged to take candy from strangers, and I like seeing them revel in that.  


If you are not one of handing out candy don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday behind closed doors.  We live in a day and age where almost everyone has some form of streaming subscription so hop on Netflix and pick one of your favorite Halloween movies from when you were a kid.  Tonight, I will be watching The Adventures of Figaro Pho and Box Trolls (all available on Netflix) as well as The Witches (available on Amazon Prime).


While you have someone manning the door and the movies are playing, why not multi-task and break out some of your favorite games.  My suggestion: Bananagrams Halloween version.  Play with the same rules of Banagrams except try your best to spell your spookiest, scariest, Halloween themed words!


An excellent meal on holiday can make it feel more like a celebration when you're staying in.  Use tonight as an excuse to prepare your favorite comfort food and perhaps even a dessert?  That why you’re more likely to resist the candy bowl by the front door.


Yes, I know how messy carving pumpkins can be, but it's still fun!  If you want to avoid the goopy mess of pumpkin innards (like myself), then you can break out the paints and paint a couple of pumpkins.  Painting pumpkins is still a very fun way to decorate and celebrate!  Maybe you can even use the painted pumpkins as fall decor leading into Thanksgiving!


Mad Libs are always a hoot!  You just can’t go wrong.  You can be as serious or wacky as you want and they are a guaranteed smile.  You can download plenty of Mad Libs apps or even Google Halloween Mad Libs for a plethora of printable stories.  Want easy access?  Here is a Mad Lib I wrote especially for tonight! 


I love a good scary story.  My go-to is The Shining by Stephen King.  Nothing like a wonderfully spooky tale to get you in the mood for all of the Halloween traditions.  Plus, if you are anything like me and are known to get completely wrapped up in your books, the cute tricker treaters interruptions will be gladly welcomed. 


I am aware that some people believe that tarot cards are a lot of hooplas but they are still fun to play with.  I also know that some people think that tarot cards are not to be trifled with but THEY ARE STILL FUN TO PLAY WITH.  If you have a deck in your house, take some time to learn about the different reads and interpretations of the cards.   You can also google “virtual tarot card, ” and some sites give you free readings!


This one isn’t very Halloween particular but if you have a fireplace, tonight is a prime night to make full use of it.  Throw on some logs and get into the Fall mood with a warm, cozy fire.


Custom Bingo is always a fun way to stay entertained throughout the evening.  Again, a simple "custom bingo card" google search will send you to plenty of different options.  If you are looking for some instant gratification like the lazy millennials we all are (hint: sarcasm), then check out the 2016 Halloween Costume Bingo cards I already made for you here!
Whatever you end up doing this Halloween night do it knowing how scary awesome you are and enjoy every minute of it!  Happy Halloween!

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