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10 Comic Illustrators You Can Find on Etsy

10 Comic Illustrators You Can Find on Etsy


Robert Hendricks is a Michigan based storyteller with a specialty in visual arts. He has a series of bizarre and intriguing graphic works. He shares his rough sketches over at his tumblr account (strangertwostranger), as well as news about his upcoming work. He has his own website (roberthendricks.net/comics) where his comics are also for sale, but they can be purchased at his Etsy store (strangertwostranger) as well. He's also been interviewed for QRD.


Justin Madson is a cartoonist/illustrator/writer from Wisconsin. He's been designing independent comic books for over 10 years. He has a series of work he describes as "tales of detachment, wonder, and hope). He has only one completed graphic novel called "Breathers", which was created in 2011. Breathers can be purchased through his Etsy store (justmadbooks), along with his other work. He can also be followed on Twitter (justinmadson).



Monica Gallagher is an artist from Maryland. She has several available graphic novels through her Etsy store (LipsticKissPress). Most notably is the one she considers autobiographical, titled "Boobage". She has another called "Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five" about the politics of Rollerderby Girls. She shares her artworks, notes on the process of her comics, and all kinds of fun stuff on her website (http://eatyourlipstick.com/blog/). She can also be followed on Twitter (eatyourlipstick).


Ellen Lindner is a cartoonist from New York. She has a very unique series called "Strumpet", each as well as another series called "Comic Reader". Both series can be purchased at her Etsy store (littlewhitebird), as well as more on her website (http://www.littlewhitebird.com/). There is a great interview that Bust Magazine did with her, you should definitely check out. She can also be followed on Twitter (ellenlindna).



Steve Rolston is a comic book artist living in British Columbia. He's been drawing comics for over 12 years. He's worked mostly with Oni Press, but has also worked with Dark Horse, Vertigo, Mirage, and Madison Press. Okay, so he's not an indie artist, but I definitely recommend his work. His graphic novel "Pounded" is a really colorful story. His work is available for purchase on his Etsy store (steverolston) and his website (www.steverolston.com). He can be followed on Twitter as well (steverolston).


Delaine Derry Green comic designer from Alabama. She is also is the genius behind the "Small Diary" comic books. These creative displays can be bought through her Etsy store (mysmalldiary). More of her work can be found on display and for purchase through her website (http://mysmallwebpage.com/). She can also be followed on Twitter & Instagram (HumanPanther).



Eileen Arnow-Levine is a comic illustrator from New York. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from SUNY. She has a collection of short illustrated stories available for purchase through her Etsy store (arnowart). The autobiographical book titled "Angst" is a collection of captioned self-portraits that really show her personality. More of her work can be seen on her website (http://www.arnowart.com/). Though she is an established artist now, "Angst" came out in 1991, and is a demonstration of her raw work.


Ashleigh Hester is an artist from the United Kingdom. Given the nature of this blog, and it's aim to us Geeky Girls, I have to give Ashleigh a shout out. She runs a magazine that is a collaboration of artwork called "Niche: Treat Your Geek". It features interviews in each issue with a variety of people (including cosplay-ers!). This series can be purchased through her Etsy store (mashashy). She also sells handmade jewelry that is simply adorable! Her artwork can be seen on her deviantart (http://mashashy.deviantart.com/).


Alright, since this is on the internet, we all know I couldn't leave cats out of the list. So, here is a comic book called "The Cats That Stared" by Claire Hubbard. She's an illustrator and designer from Scotland. She also sells phone cases and more through her Etsy store (emseeitch). She can be followed on Twitter for updates (emseeitch).


I also couldn't leave out the other internet favorite, Pizza. So I searched Etsy and shockingly found a short comic about Pizza! My final recommendation is Angela Boyle who wrote the comic called "The Deceitful Have No Pizza". Along with her partner Abe Olson, she has put out many great illustrations, all of which are available through their shared Etsy store (FlyingDodoPub).  You can also check out her personal site for more of her work (gimmeny.wix.com/angelaboyle  ).

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