10 Harry Potter Goodies That Help You Adult

I get it.  Adulting can be hard.  Especially when you don't feel like an adult.  Grant and I were walking to meet our friends for drinks after work this week and he mentioned how "adult" he felt.  I asked him how this was any different than the other times we met friends for drinks and he said "well, we aren't just going to party.  We are going to see our good friends, who are amazing, intelligent doctors and leaving early so we can get to bed and be awake for work tomorrow so it feels more adult."  And he was right,  we are adulting more and more every day. But being the nerd I am, I'm just not willing to give up the things and fandoms I love so much.  I love Doctor Who.  I love anime and manga.  I love cartoons and comics and Disney.  I love Harry Potter.

Just because I am an adult doesn't mean I can't enjoy the things I enjoy but I do agree there has to be a way I can incorporate it into my every day life.  I'm pretty sure Grant wouldn't appreciate a poster of Daniel Radcliffe over our bed like I had when I was tween and positive I was going to marry him (like...positive).  So after some searching, I have found some amazingly creative and useful Harry Potter items that we could all use to adult better.