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 6 Cat Apps Every Cat-Love Should Know

6 Cat Apps Every Cat-Love Should Know

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If you haven't caught on by now, I'm pretty into my cat and cats in general.  They crack me up and make me so happy with those little mischievous and sweet split-personalities.   And let's face it, sometimes they're just plain weird which is always a blast to watch.  I watched my cat do a pull-up and then looked at me as if she were saying “do you even lift bro?”  As I write this, Olivia is climbing all over my sleeping beauty boyfriend because, well, it is after midnight and why shouldn’t she get a random burst of kitten energy right now?  It must be contagious because I do not stay up until 12:30 am on the norm.  Rather than bouncing on my bed like my freak-cat, I surf the app store for cat apps because you can’t have enough cat apps.  They just rock, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t already have half of these on my phone before going on my cat-app-spiritual journey.  If you too love cats and cat apps, then you stumbled upon the right blog post because I have already futzed around with some them.

If you love cats and haven’t heard of this game yet then do I have a surprise for you.  THIS. GAME. IS. MY. JAM.  Never in my life have I kept a game for so long on my phone.  It is straight up bananas how much I love this game.  The premise is simple.  You buy toys and cat attractors and add them to your yard in hopes of collecting every cat offered.  You don’t know what toy/food will attract individual cats, so it's mixing and matching items all in the valiant effort to have earned the friendship of every cat (which I have, suckas).  There are plenty of tutorials and game guides online, so I won’t bore you with every minute detail, but I will say this: download this game.  There is just something about it that is so, so fun.  I have no complaints about this game - I loved trying to get every kitty and had fun in the process of doing so.
Also, if you just take the time to enjoy it and its simplicity then you can “beat” the game (collecting every cat) without spending a cent or harassing a Facebook friend for spare life (which doesn’t exist in this game but you get the point).  Plus, when it's all said and done, you have a photo gallery of all of these adorable kitties you collected and who doesn’t want that.


This has turned into one of my favorite social media communities by far.  To summarize its essence: it is a cat specific Instagram...with forums too.  If you love seeing adorable cats and a positive and FUN community, then you need this app in your life.  Never, have I ever, experienced a group of people who were so kind and positive in a social media setting.  I think that the Catastic creators have made something to be proud about.  This is a wonderfully rich community that makes an effort to support each other during the good, the bad and the hard times.  When someone has lost a fur baby and is grieving on their account, it is always nothing but kind words.  They celebrate with you when you've decided it's time to celebrate and they support and comfort you when it hasn't been the best day.  This is such a wonderful community to be a part of, I consider myself lucky I even found it.


This is another cat app game, and it has turned out to be a fun delight!  Again, a very simple premise.  You give your cat some love and treats and send them out into the world.  The more you send them out, the longer it takes them to come back, but they always come back with a little goodie you use to decorate your home.  While you wait for your kitty friend to return, you can play a bubble bursting mini game that earns you coins which are important because you need them to buy these purple gems and to get a new cat, you have to spend four gems to buy one.  There are also 100 cats to collect and buy.  I’ve only been playing this game for a few days but so far I enjoy it.  It's not a huge time-suck of a game because you click in, feed your cat and pat its head then send it back out and you can get back to your life if you need to.  There’s also the added fun of dressing your cat up but being that I have been focused on collecting cats, I haven’t been spending my coins.  If you like Neko Atsume then this should also be right up your alley.


This isn’t anything to do with cats except it's a little cat wearing a poncho giving you your weather updates.  They have gifs, and it's funny, and I’ve found to be more accurate than the weather app that comes standard on my phone. You can set alarms which is nice because they give you the weather instantly and provides pollen levels AND  if you are doomed to a bad hair day.  They've dressed it up and made it more than just another weather app by added pollen levels, hair day forecaster, jokes and gifs and accessories to dress up Poncho, the cat.  They had a messenger feature in beta that I tried to chat with but wasn’t getting any responses (anything can happen in beta though).  Overall, I like this app and would much rather being told it's going to rain by a cute little cat then a gray cloud.


So this was the only app I paid money for, and I have no regrets.  I'm always weary about buying an app without testing it out, but I am super happy with this one.  It is a laser pointer that your cat wants to put its paws all over, but when they tap the screen your phone takes a selfie of them.  I now have a handful of goofy Ollie selfies, and I feel that is well worth the price (a whopping $1.99).  I’ve only used this on my phone so I can’t speak to how it works on a tablet, but so far it has been a success on my 6 Plus.  I know there is a remote option that I have not yet explored but when and if I do, I’ll be sure to add an update.


Wow.  Just wow on this one.  I had high hopes, especially considering I had such great luck with the others but wow.  I’m not going to lie; this became a big reason why I wanted to write this post.  To spread the word and warn the cat-lovers everywhere.  I saw this, and being such an avid lover of Catastic, I had high hopes this was along the similar venue.  How horribly mistaken and naive I have been.  I’d like to take a moment to do a criticism sandwich, where I say something nice, then something that needs to be worked on and then finish with something nice.  Nice: the graphics are adorable.  Needs some work: the disgusting amount of dick pics. Nice: the graphics are still adorable.  Seriously, besides the graphics being super cutie-pie the massive sausage fest and penis photo bombardment was enough to make me immediately delete this app.  Also, why is it rated for teens?  Google Play - you might want to change that to Mature because in my 27 years of living, I have avoided seeing a Prince Albert piercing and this app changed that in one fell swoop.  Thanks, guys, thanks.  I mean, I actually can’t blame anyone but me on that because by the time I got to it (though I passed dozens more) I knew what I was getting into but by then I had a new purpose.  I wanted to see out many females were on the app out of 100.  So I went through 100 profiles (saying no to each along the way), and I counted.  I counted 11 females.  And about two-thirds of them were webcam girls.  So, this is just a super forward, sexy app that is masquerading as something adorable and cute and cat related.  If that's your thing, then I strongly suggest this app because the users seem super forward and hey, you do you bro.  This was not for me.  Any others who are looking at this thinking it's a sister-app to Catastic then don’t bother.

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