Captain America Civil War Theater Review

Please Note: All of my reviews are only about the movies and not their original forms. I also haven’t read the comic books that correlate with this movie.

Since Captain America: Civil War has just come out, this is an overview with minor spoilers. This is your warning. Once the movie goes to DVD, I will then do a more in-depth analysis. This will be how I release my articles for new movies. Now, on to the review!

After an obscenely, action-packed line up for future features in the opening trailers, the movie starts the catalyst of the entire plot fairly quickly. I will admit to being pleasantly surprised by how good this movie was.  I went in with average expectations and came out with higher expectations for the next Marvel installment.

The overarching theme of Captain America: Civil War is all about choices, actions, reactions, and the consequences. I feel an appropriate quote that describes this movie best is one a friend of mine constantly quotes from Captain America: Winter Soldier; “...But the price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay. And if I'm the only one, then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not.”
Obviously, one side is after Bucky (aka the Winter Soldier) and the other side is trying to protect him. The divide is created because of opposing opinions made early in the film and other factors that I won’t go into in this particular review. It’s an overall interesting concept, and considering how many big characters that are in the movie, I think they handled the entire story rather well. Although I wish certain characters had more screen time, the interactions between the old and new “Avengers” are entertaining, to say the least. 
Spiderman is amazing. He is exactly how I imagine Spiderman to be (not to take away from Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman because I love his portrayal as well.) Black Panther did not disappoint either and his introduction was well integrated into the plot, unlike Spiderman’s.     
We are also able to get to know characters like Vision and Scarlet Witch, on more than just “these guys are good guys and we all fight together" level.  I am extremely happy that we get to see how the characters think and are able to witness their development that feels natural and unrushed. Each character’s morals and values are definitely tested, although some with less conflict than others. 
This movie made me question myself and I feel this is what makes this particular movie so good. I entered the theater on “Team Iron Man” simply because I like Iron Man. As the movie progressed, it made me question what side I really would choose and I'll admit I switched to “Team Captain America.” But by the end of the movie, and even now, I am constantly going back and forth in my head. I might as well be on “Team Double Agent” because I still don’t know who I would side with. And that is the amazing thing, a week later and I am still thinking about the movie.
The movie runs 2 hours and 27 minutes long but it definitely didn’t feel like it. They put a lot of information and still gave enough time to process the action sequences, a feat in itself. I recommend this movie and would watch it again.