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Travel Top Favorites: Austin, TX

Travel Top Favorites: Austin, TX

After only 5 days there I have to admit, I am not an expert on this city, infact the #1 thing I can tell you is, there’s so much more to see and do that this little list doesn’t even touch this city. I am already planning my next trip back! Here’s a few things to keep an eye out for:


Try to avoid it, I dare you. Every day, every night, every minute of Austin felt as though it was filled with music. Calling from the coffee shops, the bars, the bridges, the roads, EVERYWHERE. It’s in the blood of this city, coursing through the air and right towards you, it’s inescapable and enchanting.


 This neighborhood bursts at the seems with adorable boutiques and well cultured restaurants. This is a must-explore area, walking skating, jogging, or lyfting, make sure you check it out!


    I’m a San Diego girl. I grew up in an actual desert, therefore, this place was a green wonderland that I wanted to hike in all day. There’s an amazing dog park where you can watch dogs run through the green and gorgeous park grounds.


    Most of this was found through an exploration of downtown, on 6th. They close off a portion of the street, about two or three blocks with a highly concentrated number of bars inside of it, and people are safe to drink, then stroll some, and bar hop. There’s a number of speakeasy’s roaming the city to keep an eye out for. Having spent much of our time downtown, I get the feeling I missed a few bars in other neighborhoods, so we’ll be looking out for those on our next visit.


    Remember the desert bit? Rivers really don’t run wild through our city, so seeing one rolling through Austin absolutely thrilled me. Family photos absolutely happened overlooking this river on the bridge, that was a strangely exciting moment.


    Two years ago, Sebastian and I met at a local whiskey bar here in San Diego, and it turns out they have a sister bar out in Austin called Half-Step. Not only did they have killer cocktails, but right outside a pink food truck had pulled up and set up shop selling donut holes. Right there, just cooking up delicious cinnamon sugar coated donut holes and several dipping sauces. I think I’ve found paradise.


    The drinks were good and the food was great! In the downtown and SoCo areas we spent a lot of time in, there was a wide selection of places to eat that we still had 6 on our list to try when we left. I will say, price wise they were categorized as $$, but felt to be more realistically $$$ (average plate at about $25). We learned quickly the price was worth it, but to be mindful that an Austin $$ is was more of a San Diego $$$.


    Open 24/7 - Yes, it’s true, we found this place on day one and never wanted to leave it, and sure went back 4 times. But it’s worth it! Captain Crunch donuts, voodoo dolls, fruitloops, Portland cream donuts, all these delicious flavors accessible all day, everyday. If we end up moving here...I’ll move into this shop. 

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