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Four Amazing Indie Horror Films You Didn't Know Were on Netflix

Four Amazing Indie Horror Films You Didn't Know Were on Netflix

Watching a blockbuster Hollywood horror movie is nice and all, but sometimes the true gems are indie horror films. With a lower budget for the movie—including actors, visual effects and editing—you wouldn’t think this would be the case. However, over the years I have found that some of the best horror movies are the ones that aren’t made by a big-time production company. So, with this in mind, here are four top-of-the-line indie horror films you have to check out today. Better yet, they are all available on Netflix, so you can stream them there.


Have you ever had a nightmare where you were trapped in an insane asylum with criminally insane inmates?Asylum Blackout is that very nightmare come to life on the big screen. Throughout the entirety of the movie, you find out that the people trapped inside have no power to get out. What this film excels at is portraying what it would be like if this happened to you. Frankly, it’s a disturbing realization that should sit with you for a few days. 

As you would expect with a movie of this nature, there is an extreme amount of gore. This can be unsettling at times, but it does make sense given that criminally insane people don’t care too much about how much you bleed. There also is a major twist at the end of the movie that you will either love or hate. Alexandre Courtes, the director of this film, did a terrific job with his source material and was nominated for the Golden Raven Award at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film.


Zombie movies are very hit or miss for me, but The Battery was definitely a hit. Two guys are crossing rural New England and fight off zombies. I won’t spoil any of the specific scenes in the movie, but just know this is a very original movie. Zombie movies often suffer from predictability and redundancy, but this is not the case with “The Battery.” Also, there is not a lot of gore, so if that is not your cup of tea, you won't have to worry about it. 

The dialogue in this movie is beautifully crafted as well, and it steers away from the clichéd nature of most zombie films. Most importantly, though, this movie puts emphasis on the characters and not just the living dead. This gives you a feeling, much like Asylum Blackout, of how you might react to a zombie apocalypse. The director of this film, Jeremy Gardner, made his directing debut with this one and gave us a film to remember for a long time.


Now we come to the first of two movies that will make you look differently at your young children. Wake Wood tells the story of a child who is brought back from the dead for three days. From there many complications set in, and the town of Wakewood becomes a land of the supernatural. The story is a little unoriginal, but the atmosphere is what makes this movie so great. 

I have always loved movies that were shot at an actual location, and this one was shot in Ireland. The one thing you can tell in this movie, though, is that it’s an indie film. Some of the paranormal scenes were intentionally shot off-screen to avoid using CGI. However, this actually adds to the realism of it all because you can’t see the paranormal. This may not be an original flick, but that doesn’t take away from its greatness. The man behind it all, David Keating, deserves a lot of credit as he made a lot out of a little.


I had mentioned that zombie films were very hit or miss, but I don’t think any film style exemplifies that more than found footage. One of the better ones, though, is Home Movie.  Trust me, you will start fearing your children after watching this movie. Two parents find out their young children are inherently evil, so they decide to document all of their evil-doings. The best horror movies always seem to feature a story that could actually happen to you, and can you think of anything more terrifying than your own flesh and blood turning against you, especially your children? 

It may not seem intimidating for a 12-year old child to be obsessed with murder, but would you physically assault your child if he were trying to kill you? This movie will mess with your head. The director of this indie film is award-winning actor Christopher Denham, and he proves you can make the move from actor to director.

As previously mentioned, you can enjoy all of these low-budget indie horror films on Netflix. The only thing you have to watch out for is geo-restrictions. These movies may not be available to you at your current location. However, all you need to do is download a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and it will lift any restrictions on Netflix and allow you to watch all of these indie movies from anywhere.

Have you seen any of these movies? Are there any other awesome indie horror movies that you know of on Netflix? We would love to know, so leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.

Written and contributed by Caroline @ Culture Coverage.  Caroline is an entertainment and online blogger who is in love with her Netflix account. When she’s not watching great movies she can usually be found blogging or curled up with an interesting book. You can find her on Twitter: @CultureCovC

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