Whats Better: Resolutions or Goals?

A new year has begun, and we can finally leave that pit stain of the calendar we call 2016 behind.  We are FREE!  Ok, maybe not free but we have a new blank slate.  Just like any other new year’s beginning and I holding fast to my practices and avoiding the gym. 

“Are you an idiot Sophie?  The New Year means going to the gym.  WHAT ARE YOU!? A FRIGGIN’ MORON?!”

Hey, whoa calm down.  I feel like you took that way too far.  But yes, I do avoid the gym at the beginning of the year because everyone has flooded it with the number one go to resolution - get skinny (or healthy, whateves).  I’m not knocking that as a resolution, in fact, I think it's great.  

In theory. 

See, I am not a fan of resolutions because most of the time we forget, get bored or go back to our natural, usual self and by December, we have completely forgotten what we wanted to do to better ourselves in the current year and move onto focus to the same resolutions for the next.  All while counting the final days of December and stuffing our faces because come January 1st, we are renewing that gym membership we let lapse.  

I look at the new year as a means to reflect and grow.  I hate going to the gym.  I am not going to decide to go religiously overnight and WHAM!  Brand new, healthier me.  I don’t work that way, and for most of you reading, you don’t either.  This is fine.  We are people.  Congratulations, you just took the first step in accepting your flaws and ultimately, your own mortality.  SLOW DECAYING FOR EVERYBODY!!!!

Rather than trying to be something you’re not, I invite you to strive to be the best version of yourself by setting goals instead of resolutions. I work better with goals because, let’s face, adulting is hard.  Setting milestones and reminders to build up better habits makes it easier and more consistent to stick to changing the things you want to accomplish.  It’s not a decision to change; it is an obtainable outcome that we can push ourselves at our pace to achieve.  

When I work on my New Year’s Goals, I like to have the clear objective of what I want to do in the span of 365 days (366 if I’m lucky.)  I start with the obvious, the goal.  This year I want to bring more readers and writers to this blog.  I want to open up a store on this site, and I want to write consistently for it every month.  Telling myself I am going to write every day is just foolish, because I’m not.  I work better in patches, and if I am uninterested in writing but force myself to, it just comes out as junk.  With this end goal though I can set objectives and mini goals that I can strive to obtain every month.  For January, I want to have several designs for the upcoming store created and have posted to the blog at least three times a week.  I have already started to pre-schedule writings, so I don’t feel like I am rushing at last minute to get something up and after this month I can set a reader's goal for February because I will have something to grow from.

Growth.  To me, that is the clear divider between resolutions and goals.  I can’t flip a switch and be something or someone I haven’t been for the last 12 months.  Let alone, the last 27 years.  But I can grow to aspire to be (this moment in time, Miss Piggy cause that bish is #flawless.)  If you have struggled with resolutions in the past, I urge you to seriously consider throwing your resolutions list in the trash and start anew.  Write down your biggest and smallest goals for 2017.  Write down who you want to be this year and next year and in five years.  Write down those goals and think about what you can do tomorrow to be a step closer because you can ABSOLUTELY do it if your work towards it.  Afterall, 2017 is already here.  What are you going to do to make it the best year ever for yourself?