Crafters Tool Box: Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen


A couple of years ago I got into brush lettering thanks to a few Skillshare classes I downloaded for an extended plane ride.  I do like to keep myself busy after all.  I was instantly hooked and started looking for ways to letter as much as possible.  While I invested in the traditional tools like stand-alone ink, nibs and ergonomically designed nib holders but it always felt stiff and stuffy writing with those.  After a little research, I discovered Jet Pens which since has turned into my go-to pen and ink resource (I’ve yet to find something that beats their price).  My first order was random with sporadically chosen pens that I could play with on a small budget, and in that risk, I had a significant payout: discovering the Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen. 


If you are new to brush lettering and struggling with keeping a steady hand or just understanding how to manipulate different brush types, this is a great pen.  I learned how to letter with this pen and when it ran out I ordered another.  This pen has become my practice brush, and whenever I feel like I am dealing with shaky hands after not practicing for a while, it is the first brush I pick up to do my exercises.  This is the one pen I ALWAYS make sure to have in my collection to matter what.  If I am traveling somewhere, I keep it with me.  

For new artists just beginning to dabble in the art of hand lettering, this is a phenomenal pen.  But that does not mean it is without its downsides.  For one, they are not intended to last forever.  These are disposable pens (you can not replace the ink cartridge) and with a learning hand usually comes the destruction of nibs.  Understanding the balance of your hand and arm is something every artist must learn eventually, and there are typically casualties along the way.  This pen, even though frays quicker than some of its high-quality counterparts, doesn’t break the bank at just $3.30 a pen which is a big difference to the $10 long-lasting pens you will find in the same section.  


This isn't a pen for life, this is a pen for learning and a great one at that.  There have been plenty of times where a friend or relative sees me lettering and wants to give it a try because it looks “so easy.”  Firstly, it’s not.  Secondly, if you are going to learn and be hard on my pen, then I am going to give you this one because most newbies have an easier time handling the pen than other, more professional tools I've noticed.  Since it is double sided, you also get a variety of pen types to practice and learn with.  If you are just getting started into lettering or have an interest in it, then this is the pen I recommend because it is forgiving and affordable for all artists.  Instead of getting some fancy coffees this week, order two or three of these pens and give lettering a go.  

I am not promising you will love this pen, ESPECIALLY if you are an experienced letterer.  As I have grown over the years, I had moved away from using it as much as I did when I was just starting out.  But everyone who wants to accomplish something has to start somewhere and if you are interested in lettering then do yourself a favor and start here.

I was not paid or asked to cover these pens, I just really love them and wanted to share my review.