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7 Things That Have Changed Since the Last Time Your Mom Went to Disneyland

7 Things That Have Changed Since the Last Time Your Mom Went to Disneyland


There are those who love Disneyland and make it a point to go regularly and then those who don’t care.  My mom is part of the latter, and for years I’ve been begging her to go so you can imagine my delight when she finally agreed to it.  This past summer my mom and I went to Disneyland together which might as well been her first time because it had been a good, long while since her last visit.  Years-long, actually more than a decade long.  Closer to twenty years in fact.  She had Disneyland built up in her mind as a mixture as the last time she had visited and what she could remember from going as a kid.  Needless to say but her memories were incredibly outdated.  Keeping up with Disney is something a real fan could do because they continue to create a fast-paced brand that is always turning out new content, merchandise, ideas, you name it.  They are a Goliath and have been able to keep a fanbase going strong for almost a hundred years by evolving to continue to meet with their publics ever-changing interests.  So a 20-year absence from one of their parks really racks up some significant differences.  Such as...

 Photo courtesy of Celeste Proudfoot @tattooed_rudegirl

Photo courtesy of Celeste Proudfoot @tattooed_rudegirl


Even though Disneyland started offering FastPasses in 1999, my mom had no idea they existed.  She had only been one time since they began offering the expeditated alternative and experiencing their glory actually made her like Disneyland.  I had no idea my mom was such a Disneyland n00b but it does bring me a sick amount of joy that she expected the day to be slim pickings due to lines and she was so wrong.  My mom ended up being so excited about the park and the fast passes that she started keeping a tally of all the rides we went on.  She was blown away, literally blown away, that we rode 12 rides.  She held a list and kept bragging to her friends how she was able to go on 12 rides in one day at Disneyland.  Personally, I thought that was pretty low, but we did dedicate a lot of time to eating and enjoying the sights.  However, I was blown away when she said she had been to Disneyland before and only made it on to 5 rides because of wait times.  That’s just criminal.  May goddess bless the creation of FastPasses.


The Food

Have you ever had to remind your mom to stop using the word orgasm so much and so loudly around small children?  No?  Then take her to Flo’s V8 cafe and get her the french toast.  My mom was continuously blown away by the food and how delicious everything was.  When I ordered the grey stuff she was grossed out, to put it more polite than she would.  When I started scarfing the whole thing down she quickly changed her mind about not wanting and and finished the rest of it off with me.  She couldn't believe how delicious her charbroiled burger was, also that it was charbroiled, and was mad at me I didn't share more of my chili-lime roasted corn on the cob with her.  By the end of the trip she was bummed, I didn't make a reservation at Ariels Grotto because she was so happy with how the food had been all throughout the day.  It’s hard for me to remember because, well, I don't, but there was a time where the food at Disneyland was boring but this trip was a Disney culinary awakening for her.


Surprisingly my mom was surprised with the prices as well.  When she saw the first menu and how affordable everything was (her words, not mine) it makes me wonder how much food was back when she used to go as a child.  On the flip side, she couldn't bring herself to buy a novelty mug for $15 even though I tried to explain to her it wasn’t that bad of a price.  I guess I am just way more willing to spend a little extra on a cute novelty mug that she is but to be fair I do collect them.  There were many times my mom was happily surprised by how affordable things seemed to be, especially the food.


California Adventure Land

The last time we went to CAL, it was just, JUST opening and there wasn’t a whole lot to do.  In her words “I remember this being so boring…” and she was having a blast exploring all of the new rides and decorations.  The first ride we went on was the Radiator Springs Racers, and I like to think that set the tone for the rest of the day which was laughing until our cheeks hurt. 


Much like the food my mom was surprised by the quality of the merchandise.  The shirts and the hats spoke to her, and even though she thought the graphic tees were too pricey, she was impressed by their quality and considered multiple items.  She decided against buying them because “when am I going to wear a mickey hat again, I'm never coming back here, ” but that's what you think Cheryl. 

DIY Mickey Ears

No matter what I said, I could not get my mom to wrap her mind around the DIY Mickey ear movement that is so prevalent.  She kept seeing different ears that she loved and wanted to go find to buy for herself but kept getting her heart broken when she found out so many of them were beautifully DIYed.  We finally went to The Mad Hatter so she could see for herself.  Even though she was bummed she couldn't buy ultra custom ears (...because DIY) she did appreciate the constant creativity we saw.

The Amount of walking

AND SHE WAS NOT A FAN! My mom does not shy away from speaking what she feels.  It is a trait I love and hate that I got from her.  She let me (and others around us) how much walking you have to do at Disneyland.  I almost rented her scooter so she would stop saying how much walking at Disneyland there is.  FYI! If you go to Disneyland with your mom and she hasn't been in a while prepare her for the walking or risk the unpleasant VOCAL surprise as I did.  

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