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Fad or Bad: Lush

Fad or Bad: Lush


Have you ever had that moment where someone looks at you like you are a complete alien?  I had the experience recently when someone mentioned not being able to handle the overbearing fragrance of a Lush store, and I asked, like the sweet summer child I am, “What is Lush?”  The jaw-dropping happened so fast I got a bill from their dentists afterward.  Truth is I had heard of Lush before, from my beautiful best friend who had mentioned her love for their bath bombs, I just hadn’t realized how much of a trend it was.  I also don’t typically shop in malls, so I felt I had a good excuse for my naivety but the more and more I heard about Lush, the more I asked: “is this fad or bad?” So here we are, arrived at this blog post together while I get down to the gritty details of this trend and see what the big deal is.  


Initial thoughts:

Whenever I do a Fad or Bad is is never a sponsored post, meaning, I pay for everything.  I wanted to get a sense of the product and why everyone was going apeshit over it without breaking the bank.  Let me tell you; it was hard. Not only do they have an extensive selection of everything they carry, but it all comes in different shapes, sizes and fragrances so it can and was overwhelming in deciding where to begin.  Luckily, everyone I have encountered who works at Lush are well versed in the product line and extremely helpful so points to them.  It made the most sense to start where everyone else seems to, the bath bombs.  From there I could just keep circling the store until I found a million more items I wanted to try.  Not just for the blog, but for fun!


What I’ve tried:

Butterball Bathbomb: This was my first bath bomb I tried, and while I loved it, I hated how my skin felt afterward.  I felt like I had just been dipped in oil to the point of my clothes stuck to me.  I ended up taking a shower afterward to get some of the oil residues off, but I guess that is shame on me.  With a name like "Butterball," be prepared to have that feeling of butter smeared on your hands, only all over your body,



Dragons Egg Bathbomb: By far my favorite of any of their bath bombs I have tried.  I can honestly say I will go back and repurchase this for myself I found it to be so lovely.  Everything about this bath bomb was the perfect balance for me.  I loved the scent and the amount of moisture, plus when you hit the gold part, and it looks like a cracked dragon's egg in your tub, you get a sense of feeling like you’re a god damn Khaleesi.  


Big Blue Bathbomb: I gave this one a try since everyone raved so much about it.  The scent was beautiful, and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable bath...until I had to clean up afterward.  After using this, i had to scoop all of the seaweed out of my tub.  I can see using this bath bomb if you have a drain hole like a classic tub but if you have a stopper be prepared for some cleanup time.


Sakura Bath Bomb: This would be the second favorite of mine, and I would be willing to rebuy.  I love the citrus, floral scent and also that there wasn't a whole lot of fuss to this bath bomb.  This is just a sweet, simple bath bomb if you want to feel clean and refreshed after a soak.



The Comforter Bubble Bar: I love, love, LOVED the scent of this bubble bar and also the number of bubbles I would get from it.  I also liked that a little would go such a long way, meaning I would get lots and lots of suds! Again, clean up time after though.  Every time I was finished with the bubble bath, I would have a ring of pink residue all over the tub that would need to be wiped down and cleaned every time.


Milky Bath Bubble Bar: While I loved the clean scent of this, I was never impressed with the number of bubbles.  However, I like my bubble baths to be extra bubbly.  I know that this is more of a milk soak, but I was looking forward to the bubbles so I wouldn’t purchase again.


Whoosh Shower Jellies: I love the shower jellies.  Well, just whoosh.  The scents of the other options just never appealed to me.  SHOUT OUT TO LUSH - how about a lavender jelly?  I really love this soap because it doesn’t leave you feeling “squeaky” clean like most handheld bars.  The urge to destroy this will be great, however.  It takes excellent restraint from me not to shred the jelly to pieces.



Rub Rub Rub Scrub Bar: If you haven’t caught on from my skincare routine post, I love to exfoliate.  I don’t really get dry skin, but like any other normal human being I have dead skin and scrubbing it away just feels so good to me.  If you want to scrub yourself, and I mean SCRUB yourself, then this is the exfoliator bar for you.  Firstly I am a sucker for the scent of jasmine, and this just smells divine.  The do not cheap out on the salt too.  I also have to say, this has been sitting in my shower for quite some time now, and it hasn't fallen apart, and I have had a lot of use out of it so to me, this is one of the more cost efficient buys from Lush.



Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs: Out of the toothpaste I tried, I liked this one the best.  The one thing I will say about the Lush toothpaste - your mouth will feel CLEAN after using any of them which is enough for me.  I also love these for traveling so I will rebuy once I run out.  Since I switch back and forth to my regular toothpaste, these have lasted me quite a bit, but I can see how these would get expensive if they were your only form of toothpaste.


Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar: I fucking love it.  I didn’t think I would enjoy this so much, but I LOVE covering myself in sparkles (geez I wonder why?)  It smells divine, and it just feels so good to rub this into your skin.  It's actually super moisturizing, not just built for the shimmer and shine.  It is meltable so you can’t keep it in a hot place, and my only complaint is that it is a Halloween exclusive.  WHY, LUSH WHY?!  This shimmer bar is almost out of season so ACT FAST AND ORDER HER NOW!!!



Kinky Hot Oil Treatment: I have mixed feelings about this product. Firstly, 5 minutes? REALLY, Lush?  I was halfway through Spider-Man Homecoming before it was read to put on my hair.  So it did take awhile for me to get it all melted and ready to smear in my hair.  I love that it wasn’t so messy, however, and once it is in your hair, it is IN YOUR HAIR.  The days after using this hot oil treatment, my hair was visibly softer and thicker.  It just felt healthier all around so I would gladly repurchase one of the hot oil treatments or even try one of their other hair masks.  Since I tried this, it looks as if Kinky has been discontinued but they still have damaged which I would be willing to try!


The Loser

Dirty Toothy Tabs: I hate it.  I'm not even going to pretend it is a flavor I love.  While I love how clean my mouth is but any mint flavor is pretty damn subtle.  If you like the taste of neroli oil, then this is for you.  I, however, do not.


The Winner


Jumping Juniper & Montalbano Shampoo Bar (any shampoo bar actually)

Never did I imagine that after trying Lush I would walk away with a shampoo addiction but here I am.  I can’t say enough good things about the Lush shampoo bars.  While working on this post I ended up going back to Lush to replace a shampoo bar I had forgotten at home while traveling, that is how much I love these products.  Not only because my hair is cleaner and feels healthier for longer but after using this shampoo consecutively for so long and switching back to my old brand, my hair felt weighted down and, well, disgusting.  I could feel the difference in my hair so much. I went from having lightweight, bouncy hair to a greasy, disgusting mess.  The difference is impressive and makes me wonder what the hell is going into the bottles of shampoo we are putting on our HEADS.  Since I have made the switch 100% to Lush shampoo bars, I have found that I don’t need to use conditioner either.  Once I am out of the shower, I will spray just a bit of leave in conditioner in my hair and comb it through, and my hair is clean feeling for days.  DAYS. Its amazing and I love how healthy my hair and scalp feel no - THANK YOU LUSH!


The Verdict

While some of the products were pretty hit or miss, I can honestly chalk it up to user error.  You can’t just go into lush and pick something off the shelf.  You really should take the time to read the product descriptions and talk to the staff because they are so helpful.  The products that I wasn’t crazy about were based purely on personal preference and the items that I liked,  I loved.  I also love that almost everything is vegan and they are actively trying to fight animal testing.  Makes me feel good about spending the few extra dollars than I would normally.  If you are still wary of the price tags, I can say from experience it evens out.  Because of Lush I am no longer spending money on conditioner, teeth whiteners or big bottles of fancy lotions.  If you have been toying with the idea of trying Lush but afraid to take the jump, you’re in luck being that Christmas is right around the corner and most of these products make for great stocking stuffers!

What have you tried from Lush and you recommend or thoughts?  I would love to know, please share in the comments below!


*All products in this post were paid for by me with my own hard earned cash - this is not a sponsored post.

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