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Favorite Teas and Strainers to Enjoy Them With!

Favorite Teas and Strainers to Enjoy Them With!


I recently talked about my passion for tea and how I typically travel around with my teas, so I don’t have to hunt down a good cup.  I also mentioned my tea drawer and how much pride I take in it.  But I know that isn’t really what you want to know.  You’re asking “BUT SOPH! WHAT KIND OF TEA ARE YOU DRINKING?!” I know, I know, and I am here to answer, but I’m not going to lie, that’s a loaded question.  So instead I am here to list out my favorite teas that I strongly urge you to try and also my favorite tea strainers and mugs to enjoy them with.


1. HemisFares Genmaicha Toasted Rice Green Tea + Ikea Floating Flower Strainer

This may not be the fanciest of teas but boy it sure does taste amazing.  I am a massive sucker for Genmaicha tea, which pretty much means there is roasted rice in it.  This is a savory, delicious tea that I typically enjoy with dinner or if I am trying to replace coffee altogether, a morning kick start.  I just love the nutty and savory taste of this tea and HemisFares is excellent because it is a loose leaf.  If I am in a bind, I will go for the Numi tea which is my second favorite.  I typically brew this tea for about 4 minutes, and it gets the job done, especially with my floating flower strainer.  Because of the toasted rice and loose leaf, it’s so much easier to use a metal pod strainer type as to avoid chunks of rice floating around your water.


2. Hey Girl Time to Cleanse Herbal Tea + Baby Nessie Strainer

This is a detox (aka poopsplosion) tea that should only be drunk in small quantities, that is unless you have a stomach made of iron.  While I love this tea because it helps with bloating (it does) too much is too much, and it will cause cramping.  Flavor-wise, it is very herbal, like most detox tea, but still has that rich warmth that makes it tasty.  I usually prepare this tea with a strainer with a small capacity, like the baby Nessie silicone strainers, as to avoid cramping.  


3. Numi Organic Jasmine Green + 3D Unicorn Mug

This isn’t a rare tea by any means as Numi has become one of the more popular and readily available tea brands out there.  Don’t let the mass production fool you, however; they have some fantastic flavors like their Jasmine Green.  This is a wonderfully light green tea that has a beautiful fragrance thanks to the jasmine.  I usually don’t like flower or fruit tea, so I typically shy away from them, but this tea is the perfect balance for my taste buds.  This is one of my favorite teas, and I usually drink this when relaxing, especially while reading, and since it comes prepackaged all you need is a mug like my favorite Unicorn mug for steeping!


4. Tea Forte Cherry Marzipan + Mini Unicorn Mug

Tea Forte was my first introduction to tea outside of anything herbal.  I fell in love with their White Ambrozia tea, but after I was given a Cherry Marzipan set as a Christmas gift, I fell in love with the new flavor.  If there were a dessert tea, this would be it.  It is sweet like you are biting into a warm, soft cookie.  I know that you can find this tea as just a loose leaf, but since it was a given to me as part of a kit, I have only ever experienced it with Tea Fortes famous pyramids.  All you need is a mug, much like my mini unicorn mug (YES I HAVE MULTIPLE UNICORN MUGS!) to steep and maybe even match the sweet nature of the tea!  


5. Tea Pigs Red Bush / Rooibos Tea + Big Ol' Big Daddy Mug

This rooibos is a household favorite of ours.  Because it lacks the caffeine of the others teas I have described, we typically make ourselves a cup of this before bed if we are in the mood.  It has a robust, earthy flavor that comes from the balanced blend of honeybush and rooibos teas.  Not only is this a favorite night time tea, but it is also great for iced tea in the summer since it has that bold flavor that pairs nicely with a slice of lemon.  Just like the other packaged teas I buy, I have a favorite mug I like to enjoy them in.  For this particular tea, I typically brew it in my _____ mug since it is so big and holds a whole lot!



6. Mariage Freres Bourbon Tea + Mr. Roboto Tea Strainer

To me when it comes to tea, Mariage Freres is the creme de la creme.  I have yet to taste one of their brews and be disappointed, but the rooibos Bourbon tea is just so unique and delicious.  Again, being that it is a rooibos makes it great for night time given its lack of caffeine, but I have found the flavor of this tea pairs nicely with dessert.  I will even put a touch of cream and sugar in this tea to add to the sweet dining experience.  Since I am such a dessert person and always see something fresh as a good time, I like my strainer to be equally as fun, so I use my hanging robot strainer with this tea!  Not just because I love how whimsical it is, but also because the large tea leafs don’t easily escape from the draining holes.


7. Palais Des Thes Silver Needles White Tea + Teavana Perfectea Maker

This is a wonderfully mellow and aromatic tea that I jus can’t get enough of.  White tea has always been presented to me as a “super tea” if you will pay for its high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids, both which are very healthy things to look for in food.  I don’t drink this tea to try to be superhuman. It just tastes SO GOOD.  It is so subtle yet delicious; I am actually going to brew some for myself right now using my Teavana prefectea maker!

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