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25 Geeky Kitchen Goodies You Need Immediately

25 Geeky Kitchen Goodies You Need Immediately


Being geeky comes naturally to me but being a good chef...not so much.  I love and rely on my kitchen gadgets to help me make the best of my meals (I just had an avocado for lunch so maybe not every meal).  I also won't lie to you...I love gadgets.  I love magnets and mugs and Tupperware (more like tupperWHERE amirite?) and all sorts of goodies you find in the kitchen.  From ice cube trays to straws for drinks, I love collecting all the little geeky kitchen goodies, so I decided to round up all of my favorites and share them with you.



1. An artful, grammar smug mug

2. This super cool Upside Down and righ side up Stranger Things mug

3. Chip from Beauty and the Beast has come to life and waiting to go home in your cabinet!

4. The easiest way to program yourself some coffee in the morning

Baking Goodies

5. A golden snitch cookie press for your HP fan friends

6. This Nintendo Mario Brothers oven mitt to make sure you don't burn your hands


8. Spaceship building + cookie eating = scientifically proven good time

9. An R2D2 measuring cup set because he always has your back

Counter Protectors 

10. Yoda knows best cutting board

11. These radioactive light up coaster set

Table Decor

13. This pizza lovers napkin holder

14. An Overwatch loot box but instead of guns, there are COOKIES!

15. A disnosaur who can ROSÉ ALL DAY


16. A PokeBall serving bowl because GUACAMOLE! I CHOOSE YOU!

17. And of course a PokeBall lunch box because LUNCH TIME! I CHOOSE YOU!

18. Beakers that also serve the purpose of being shot glasses

19. Solar system plates for learning AND eating


20.Who doesn't need a keyboard shaped waffle iron?

21. Now you can use the force for blending

Cofee & Tea

22. Mr. Roboto tea strainer

23. A Gilmore Girls coffee set...SOMEONE GET ME THIS IMMEDIATELY PLEASE!


24. The ever popular Unofficial Harry Potter cookbook

25. A World of Warcraft cookbook because playing the game wasn't addictive enough, now you can eat the food.




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