Putting Together a Travel Tea Kit for your Next Big Trip


Few things feed my ego more than “whoa you have a serious tea drawer.”  That’s right. Tea feeds my ego.  Or hydrates?  My ego goes to tea parties. Let's leave it at that. And that statement is entirely accurate and has been said many, many times.  I have a very serious tea drawer.  We’ve been seeing each other for about six years now, and my collection needs another drawer at this point because it has officially moved in.  But I can’t help it, and I love tea.  Up until a few years ago I never even touched coffee and my go-to morning caffeine fixes were tea based.   

Plus, I can’t get enough of tea gadgets...and tea.  But not just any tea, I like MY tea.  I’ve even looked into growing my own tea which I have every intention of doing one day, but if you haven't caught on by now, I am a tea snob.  Before I order a tea, I usually hammer my barista or waitress with questions (not in an asshole way though...I think).  There are just a lot of lousy, mass produced tea out there.  For example, I can’t stomach Starbucks hot tea.  It tastes like drinking warm, moldy water.  If it is super hot outside, I will order a Trenta black iced tea, but if there is sweetener in there, I will literally lose my shit.  Usually, I just make my own tea to bring around with me, but for a girl on the constant go, sometimes I don't have a choice.  ESPECIALLY if I am visiting my mom.  She lives in an area with a severe good tea shortage which is why I have resorted to packing my own tea kit whenever I go visit her, which is often, so it’s necessary.  This kit is so lovely because it is compact enough to sit in my carry on and I have never had an issue going through TSA with it.  I’ve even gone through international customs with my tea and have never had a problem. It doesn't take a whole lot to put a travel tea kit together, and chances are most of the necessary items are already in your possession, and if not, its nothing a quick trip to the dollar store won't solve. Here is what you will need.


Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

Voila!  You have a travel tea pack all ready to go for your next upcoming trip, and you won't have to subject yourself to that ass juice Starbucks calls black tea.  I will love to see your travel tea kits if you decide to put one together!  Just share on Instagram and tag @sparkleyassbitch or comment below!