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20 Holiday Hostess Gifts for the Geeky Girl

20 Holiday Hostess Gifts for the Geeky Girl


We are headed towards the time of year where our friends and family open their homes and kitchens to us.  All of a sudden we are either hosting or being hosted which means there is a whole lot of giving going on.  If you have ever played host on the holidays, then you understand what I mean.  You prepare meals and treats and drinks and give hours of your time away to put on a good time.  If you are one of the fortunate who is being hosted then remember, it is polite to bring a small token of appreciation for your host and hostess.  A token, also known as a hostess gift.  The art of hostess gift-giving seems to have started to disappear. As someone who has now hosted a couple of holidays, I can attest to the fact that while we may not think less of our guests who don’t bring a hostess gift, the ones who do make us and our efforts feel appreciated and stand out from the crowd.  I'm not saying go and spend a buttload on something just to say thank you.  It is the thought behind the gift that matters more.  If you paid a small amount for a gift that was curated and picked for your hostesses interests in mind, it shows.  If you are being hosted this year, I strongly urge you to bring a hostess gift. And if you are being hosted this year by a geeky girl then I strongly recommend you to look through this list of hostess gifts I think most geeky hostesses would appreciate. 


1. The gift of chocolate in frog form with a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

2. Gudetama gummies from Sugarfina! (PS - they're vegan!)

3. A coin box full of goodies for the Super Mario lover!


4. The fresh scent of an Elven Valley will make anyone feel alive

5. A Book Shop scented candle that actually smells like heaven because I'm pretty sure Heaven is one big book store where you have unlimited store credit

6. These PokeBall candles so your host can pretend they have a Charizard

7. Ever wondered what the inside of the Tardis smelled like?  Now you don't have to

8. In case your hostess is a young girl named Eleven who beats up monsters and is prone to nose bleeds...or a big fan of Stranger Things

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