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Sparkley Ass Bitch Favorite Skincare Masks

Sparkley Ass Bitch Favorite Skincare Masks


I recently posted about my daily skincare routine.  While everything I mentioned in it is something I do every day, every few days I give my skin a little extra somethin-something in the form of a facial mask.  It can be daunting exploring the seemingly endless options when it comes to masking options, especially since they all promise such great results.  Like any skincare related item, the saying “to each their own” really rings true.  Your skin and face may love one thing, but your besties complexion won’t be able to handle it.  Don’t even get me started on how much my skin can’t tolerate Dermalogica products.  I even have some horror stories about it, but that is a post for another time, which I promise to write.  Belive me; I have some battle scars.  But because I have been a willing victim over the years, I have some opinions and favorites when it comes to skincare masks.

 Photo by  ian dooley  on  Unsplash

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Aztec Clay
If you follow r/skincare addiction, then you won’t be surprised that this mask made the list.  Not only is this a favorite around the subred, but it is also ranked Amazons #1 in facial masks.  This is my go-to mask recommendation for my friends who suffer from breakouts like myself because it sucks the life out of your skin. Any excess oil problems or painful zits you might be encountering is no match for this Aztec magic.  Because it is so hyper-potent, I use it at night.  As much as I love this mask, I have waited too long to wash it off and had some pretty harsh effects on my skin (excessive drying out, etc.).  Better be safe than sorry and use it at night to help stimulate your skin to repair itself while you sleep.  Did I mention it is hyper affordable?  This green clay mask comes as a loose powder, so you have to mix the mask yourself which isn’t as hard as everyone else seems to say.  I also have never tried it with apple cider vinegar but only because I’m that lazy.  I dish a little bit of the powder out and wet my fingertips and dab them in the powder.  Instant power mask on my fingers.  Sometimes it takes a few dabs to get enough of a build up, but this method has worked for me and left me with good coverage. #Lazyorefficient

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
I will be the first to admit I actually hate the smell of this mask.  It is a strong, strong mint odor but I can move past it quickly because of how good this mask feels and leaves my skin feeling.  This mask promises reduced pores, but I love it for how effective it is at clarity.  My skin always looks fresh, even and dewy after using the mask though it is usually pretty red immediately after removing.  That is why this is a night time only mask for me.  A little also goes a long way. This tube never seems to end.  It is an extremely thick mask that can take a bit too dry, but you can really see the oil being pulled out of your pores while it hardens. 
Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask
I really love this mask because you can feel it working and see results very quickly after a few uses.  For me, this is a nighttime only mask so that way my skin can get some extra nourishment while it repairs itself while I'm asleep. There is something about this tingly magic that leaves my skin clear and my complexion dewy.  Even though it is one of the pricier masks I use, I still highly recommend it, especially if you are prone to breakouts and have naturally oily skin.  

Carbonated Bubble Mask
This is just plain fun, and I will gladly use it in the morning or at night.  It is one of those carbonated masks so they bubble up and you look like a walking cloud person.  Or mold.  The first time my mom saw it she freaked out and thought it was mold at first glance.  This is another good mask for oil control and leaves your skin feeling so soft, plus I noticed my pores were visibly smaller, but be sure to use a facial spatula for applying.  Some girls have found it to be more effective to use their hands, but I noticed slight bubbling when I touched it so to ensure the longevity of my entire jar, I use a plastic spatula. Also, if you decide to use it, prepare yourself for tickles.  The bubbling and expanding around your lips and nose are very tickling.

Egg Tightening Mask
By far one of my favorite masks ever.  There is something about k-beauty just knows how to shrink pores down.  This is a morning time mask for me because I love how tight it leaves my pores after using it.  After washing this mask, i always notice how much visibly smaller my pores on my nose and cheeks are.  For someone who has naturally large pores, this mask is a godsend, and I will always rebuy it.

Glossier Mask Set
I will admit it took me a long time to come around to these masks.  I usually shy away from any mask that promising its moisturizing talents because of my already naturally oily complexion but these two masks (which were designed to go hand in hand) have quickly become a staple on my top shelf.  The Mega Greens Galaxy pack mask is calming and detoxifying while the Moisturizing Moon Mask is based with hyaluronic acid so are promised even hydrating and line plumping while it also works to brighten.  This mask duo (though they don’t have to be) always feel like the ultimate treat for my skin and have become part of my Sunday rituals right before bed. 

I Dew Care Disco Mask
Another morning time mask for me.  This mask leaves your skin so supple and soft, it'll feel like a new baby's bottom.  It is shimmer and soft and peels off once it has dried, but it leaves your skin feeling amazing.  Plus, bonus, your face looks like a disco ball while it works its magic, so its extra fun to use.

Masks I miss - Burts Bees Pore Refining Green Clay Mask
This was the first mask I ever used, and it was the best.  THE BEST.  My pores would disappear after using this mask and the moment the discontinued it was the moment my heart broke.  I used this mask for years, and if they brought it back tomorrow, I would stock up on it. 

Masks Ill forever pass - charcoal mask
While I am plagued with genetically large pores, I am blessed to avoid blackheads, so those peel off charcoal masks don’t usually do much for my skin except irritate it.  Also, I have tried mixing my own charcoal masks which I will never, ever do again.  The fine grains of charcoal always seem to get trapped and hide out in my already mentioned large pores. It is just too much for my skin and still leaves my face feeling more damaged than helped.

Next to Try - Drunk Elephant BabyFace
Drunk Elephant has been on my radar for a while now, but if you noticed, their products are accompanied by a hefty price tag.  The reviews for them are tempting however though I really can’t justify it while having a fully stocked skin care routine.  Once I run out of something (maybe the Blue Tansy by Herbivore Botanics) I will make the transition over to it, or perhaps I will get lucky, and Santa will bring me some of the Baby Face mask to try this Christmas *hint hint Santa*

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