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50 Enamel Pins for Every Interest and Occasion

50 Enamel Pins for Every Interest and Occasion


Recently, enamel pins have become all the rage and fashion.  It’s hard to find an artist these days who hasn’t turned one of their more popular designs into a fashionable accessory.  You can even find some fun and funky pins on Amazon with loads of character.  Not only are these pieces of flair fun and fitting for every personality, but they are also usually affordable, so they make great gifts.  I, personally, can’t seem to get enough of these funky little ornaments and have quickly become a favorite accessory for me to dress up anything with.  I add them to my jean cuffs, jacket colors or pockets on my shirts.  They are just fun and funky and thanks to the internet, there are hundreds that I want so I figured I would do a round-up of all my favorite enamel pins floating around the interwebs.

For Binge Watching

1. This happy little droid visiting the happiest place on earth

2. For the Honorary Gilmore Girl

3. The best way to rep your love for Luke's Diner

4. A clever girl to outwit a clever dinosaur

5. "You killed my father.  Prepare to die."

6. Team Velour 4EVER


For Weeb Kweens

7. Sailor Moons Cosmic heart compact (for the Sailor in you)

8. Chihiros goodbye card from her friend Rumi

9. Who needs Netflix and chilling when there's Anime and chilling?

10. A personal weeaboo label

11. When you love Luna with all your heart

12. Senpai can be a real jerk but you secretly love it...

13. For being yourself shamelessly

14. Little soot friends!!!




For Space Cadets

15. The only ride appropriate for the real cool kids

16. An obvious choice for the coffee and space lovers

17. The truth beneath the helmet of an astronaut

18. Saturn has rings for dayz

20. An alien because...ALIENS!

21. Live long and prosPURR!


For Animal Lovers

22. This PARTAY animal perfect for partying

23. A sweet little purrmaid playing with a starfish

24. For celebrating your rescue dog love

25. Neko Atsume kitter catters!

26. A floral fox (or ambiguous dog or animal of your personal choice)

27. A corgi butt because butts don't get much cuter

28. A declaration of love for our favorite fussy feline creatures

29. Because all cats are demons and psychopaths



For Personal Philosophies

30. The only words you ever really need to live by

31. A bedtime prayer for the truly wicked

32. For the tattooed obsessed

33. When you only show up to slay



For Fantasy Fans

35. Hes a merMAN!

36. We all have our grumpicorn days

37. A moon dragon because dragons are RAWRsome.


For the Reading Maniac 

38. Nevermore, nevermore, nevermore...

39. For feeling broody and romantic with Jane Eyre

40. One more page is never enough


For the Fine Dining Enthusiast

41. Such as this bag of ramen

42. Taco Bell OR Taco Belle?

43. Crazy fo' Pho



For the Positive Vibe Witch

44. The only universal truth you need to remember

45. Daily dose of amethyst crystal for healing vibes

46. Always gotta like it


For Gamers in our Lives

47. Blue shell of doom and the feels it envokes

48. Dice to determine your next move

49. A heart potion to regain more life!

50. Can you rescue this poor bottled fairy?



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