Mother Daughter Bonding: An Adult Trip to Disneyland


Mother-Daughter bonding time is valuable, no matter what age you are.  Your closeness doesn’t have to stop at any time, and my mom and I make it a point to do something together every year no matter what and it’s why I consider her one of my best friends.  That’s right I said it.  My mom is my best friend (or at least one of them). The apple didn't fall that far from the tree when it came to us which I think has only added to our friendship.  We find it easy, to be honest, and communicate with one another; we typically share similar outlooks on politics, fashion and ethics and our sense of humor are one in the same, we both appreciate a good fart joke.  This year our special mother-daughter outing was an all-day trip to the Disneyland parks in southern California.   Neither of my parents were colossal Disney or animation fans but being that they finally accepted their only child is a huge nerd, they started to embrace all avenues of it.  Adult Disneyland trips were one of them. We were up at three am (because of excitement), left instructions for the dog sitter and hit the road so that we would be at the gates right when the park opened.  We got our park hopper max passes and was so early to the park that the rides we wanted to go on weren’t even running yet. 

This trip wasn't just important to us for our own bonding, but also as a memorial to my dad.  My Father was an artistic genius who has work all over the world, and some of the hardest and extensive projects he worked on were Disneyland related. It was so cool to go and see all of the work and effort we remember him making, and we ended up visiting on the six month anniversary of his death which didn’t occur to me until just now (SHOUT OUT TO DISNEYLAND FOR DISTRACTING ME ON A DAY I'M TYPICALLY MISERABLE).  In a way, he was there the entire time with us.  The last time my mom had even been to Disneyland was for a family trip for my 15th birthday and to avoid dating myself, let's just say it was a long, long time ago.  Also, my dad was there which added to the bittersweet memory day we had together.  

I think my mom was dreading the trip, to begin with being that going to Disneyland isn’t exactly a top priority for her, but she also forgot she has an adult daughter now who likes adult jokes and adult food.  We did the 21 and over Disneyland and had a blast.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did on that trip and even though she said this would be her last Disney trip unless I give her grandbabies, it makes me want to drag her back there every year (or at least every ten years.)  The thing I wanted my mom, and everyone, to remember is that Disneyland isn't for kids, it's for families.


I sincerely believe there is something for everyone there no matter what your interest is. It’s a place to laugh and have fun and a reminder that we need to look past ourselves and be a part of something that makes everyone happier, not just yourself.  So suck it up and ride on the Matterhorn even though you hate it because your mom loves it for nostalgia purposes.  And don’t worry, you’ll still get to go on Space Mountain because she knows you love it and you made sure she got to go on all her favorites too.  For my mom and myself, our trip was about sharing, communication, laughter and compromising happily.  I didn’t get to go on Star Tours or see the World of Color, but I got to go to Disneyland with my mom and that in itself makes the whole day worth it. 

Also, days later and I still get laughs from our trip.