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The Future is Clear: Jelly Beauty Products You Can't Miss

The Future is Clear: Jelly Beauty Products You Can't Miss


You probably have started to notice the word “word” jelly seeping into some of your favorite cosmetic lines.  I know I have, and being that I am typically not a fan of switching up my skincare routine I tend to stay away but after Glossiers Milky Jelly cleanser, I started to become more adventurous.  Now I wasn't a fan of the Glossiers jelly cleanser at first, which I made pretty clear in a past post,  but after some tweaking of my routine its become an everyday use for me.  I love starting my day but washing my face with the gentle but effective cleanser.  It helps that it is so easy to travel with (though I really wish it had a protective cap on it hint nudge hint) but being how effective, affordable and efficient of a cleanser it is it got me thinking “what other jelly things can I smear on my body?”  because who doesn't want to smear things on themselves.  WE ALL LOVE TO SMEAR DON’T DENY IT.

My curiosity got the better of me and the last few months I have been sampling and collective a plethora of jelly products and these are my favorites that made the top cut.


EOS Crystal Lip Balm

Vegan, wax free and hydrating goodness that is delivered with all EOS products (in my opinion). They call it their crystal balm since its clear but what else is clear….JELLY.  Or at least opaque and these balms very much so have a firm jelly consistency.  I want to be an apothecary when I grow up so needless to say; I'm an oil freak.  Since these balms are free of wax, they focus on nourishing your pouty lips with a mixture of hydrating and weightless oils.  Keeping in check with their continuously sleek design, these balms aren't just a treat for the lips but also the eyes!


Boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser

This is a fun jelly cleanser orb that has that charcoaly goodness, so you get that purifying spread all over.  Bye, bye toxins and hello clear skin that is left soft and fresh.  Now I know that charcoal is all the rage, and everyone loves using it but for sensitive skin owners like myself, or if you have large pores (thanks to my dad's genes) then you have to be careful with the dark cleansing soots.  It gets everywhere and usually leaves a grey hint behind.  I love this charcoal jelly cleanser because it foams white leaves your skin feeling purified, clean and is excellent for calming sensitive skin.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

As I mentioned before, I wasn't sold right away on this cleanser.   It took some getting used, mainly because it was a dry cleanser.  I focused too much on its makeup removing capabilities and what it was supposed to do and not what it actually did for my skin...which is leaving it fresh and clean feeling with a dewy go.  It is now my go-to morning cleanser that I use.  Every. Single. Morning.  It’s not drying, it sweeps away all my sleepy time dirt and is just the best feeling of ultimate clean.  It is part of my morning routine, and I feel disgusting without starting my day with it.


Gold Jelly Eye Packs

This is a lovely jelly pack to put under your eyes after a long day or if you really want to bougie up bath time.  They have a wonderful cooling effect and don’t slip all over the place.  I love them for reducing puffiness and have a slight brightening effect.  If you have genetic Hereditary Dark Circles Under your eyes, then these WILL NOT help you.  These jelly packs are great for cooling which helps with puffiness.  I saw some people complain about them sliding down the face, but I haven’t had any issue with them.  As I write this, I am sitting up straight and have some on, and they haven’t budged an inch (it’s been about 20 minutes now too).  I have even walked around my house doing chores while wearing these.  Perhaps certain batches have too much jelly, and I got lucky, but I would and am definitely recommending these along.  Had a long night before and want to look a bit more awake?  These might just be what you're looking for.


YADAH Brightening Jelly Pack

This is a weird one because the package describes the clear goo as a jelly essence, so I automatically imagine that I am smearing ghost saliva on myself (because I'm cool like that).  In actuality, these brightening masks really work and feel like an excellent treat for your skin.  I tend to stay away from the cotton masks because they rarely seem to fit my face or do anything, but I really enjoy the effectiveness of these.  Firstly, it's not a slippery sort of jelly.  Once the mask is on, it is ON.  They proudly boast that the essence “does not run down on neck and skin” and it really doesn’t.  It also has a cooling effect that feels lovely.  Once the mask is off, your skin is left looking bright and feeling so smooth.  These packs come in a set of 5, and for roughly $9 a set, that’s not a bad deal.  


Lush Jelly Soap

Ok, so I NEVER buy bar soaps or anything like that.  I hate how handheld soaps leave my skin feeling.  I am not a fan of that squeaky clean feel and I also just imagine spreading germ bubbies all over my naked body.  That is NOT the case with the Lush Jelly soap.  Not only is it fun to use (LOOK AT IT JIGGLE) but it also leaves your skin feeling so nice and clean and fresh.  It does fall apart if you're rough with it (which is why I hide it from Grant) but it is a fun shower addition.


Jelly Lip Treatment

I extra love this one because of the faint scent of coconut.  Also, it feels so good on your lips.  This lip treatment involves and jellied up rubber lip shape mask that you just place on top of your lips.  Of course, that means you can’t talk for the 5 to 30 minutes you use them.  I just want my readers to be well aware that I DO NOT USE THIS TREATMENT FOR PLUMPING.  To be honest, I don’t see much of an improvement there but I also only wear these for a short amount of time because I feel like my lips are big enough. I will say I can definitely feel the collagen tingle when I wear them so perhaps if I wore them for the 30 minutes as recommended I would see a difference but I really don’t want to risk it.  I think the best purpose for these lip masks are for hydrating especially considering that some of the ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

You’ve probably seen the jelly mood changing lipsticks because they are becoming increasingly more popular.  I didn’t really want to include them in this list as a full rundown, but I do want to give you a warning - don’t buy these.  They smell like chemicals. All leave your lip the same bright fuschia color (even the orange tint), they wear off quickly leaving your lips dry and move from your lips to the skin surrounding them, so your mouth ends up looking like the pink eye of Sauron.  Buyers beware!

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