Thanksgiving Travel Checklist


Thanksgiving is finally here and some of you reading this are probably getting ready to board an airplane.  Well, you’re not alone.  This Thanksgiving I will be up in the air as well traveling to see our family in Southern California.  It is the first Thanksgiving that I can remember where I will be away from home so like you, I have started researching all of the things I need to pack.  No, not just the usuals.  If you are looking for a carry on packing list you are in the wrong place (but I welcome you to keep reading).  This is the THANKSGIVING specific travel packing list.  All of the things you don’t think about any other time of the year while traveling but should have on hand for when you are hitting the skies and making yourself comfortable at someone else's feast.

You can download the list to print here.

Travel Checklist_ Thanksgiving Essentials.jpg