WoW, My Fickle Temptress: I Just Watched the New Cinematic


So I am writing this fresh because I don't want to forget this feeling.  Even though I have been off of WoW for several years, sometimes it feels unavoidable.  Especially when you are engaged to a man who still sporadically plays and even goes to Blizzcon.  Even though he respects the fact I no longer play, sometimes something comes out that is just too cool to not show me such as the new cinematic trailer for the newest upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth.


Now since I have been away from the game since Mists of Pandaren, I will admit I am not caught up on the lore which was done on purpose.  If I am too into the lore, then I want to play.  But I have kept up on certain characters who I love, namely my main squeeze girl (be sure to keep an eye out for her in the upcoming fandom girlfriend post) Sylvanas Windrunner.  Yes, I have exposed myself, I am a dirty, Horde girl.  I won’t get into my love for Sylvanas because there is a significant part of me that doesn’t completely understand it myself but I’ll give you my gist - she is a profoundly complex and strong female character that gives me the good kind of goosebumpies.  And in my opinion, she's a god damn star of the game and the newest cinematic that came out. 

All hope feels lost for Sylvanas and her army pretty quickly into the cinematic.  The Alliance is seemingly gaining the upper hand rapidly, and my heart breaks every time I watch Varok Saurfang fall to his knees.  As a member of the Horde, I was pretty bummed out but Sylvanas, staying in tune with her true nature, refuses to give up and ends up kicking ass.  Like, can we just take a moment to appreciate this?



WOW! 12 out of 10 blood elf turned Banshee Queen right there.  That moment where she rises and yells the inspiring warcry "FOR THE HORDE" not only inspires her fellow fighters and reminds them of their real strengths but it also makes my heart swell up just a little bit.  

I could get into the rest, but it focuses on the alliance which I REFUSE TO DO ON THIS BLOG.  Ok, actually, Anduin Wrynn is pretty much a bad ass, and I have mad respect for him and the big guns he pulls out.  The Battle for Azeroth seems like an appropriated named title and compared to the other expansions I have seen released since I stopped playing, this one taunts and entices me the most.  

Even still, I can confidently say I have no desire to play.  I have too much going on to want to start up in that lifestyle again.  So instead I will end this blog post with a plea:

Dear Blizzard, 

Please make more feature movies for the WoW addicts who have quit their habit but miss your graphics and lore.

Kindest Regards,
A Sparkley Ass Bitch