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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Disney Aficionadi

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Disney Aficionadi


This week is heavy on the Christmas lists because time is already running out if you are planning on ordering prints online.  But I will get through this gift guide with you (hopefully in one piece).  Today’s gift guide is brought to you by...DISNEY FANS!  I know it seems strange to some people that grown ass adults can be obsessed with Disney but I like to think that those people severely lack some magic in their hearts (or they are dead inside).  If you are shopping for a Disney Fanatic who is above the age of 12 and not sure where to start, then you have found yourself at the right blog post.  It can be especially hard shopping for an adult Disney fan because so much merchandise seems to be geared at children, but not all of it and some people enjoy surrounding themselves with as much Disney as possible.  

1. A super cute Sleeping Beauty's Castle-GRAM pin for the Disney and Instagram lovers (truly you can't go wrong with any of their Disney-rific pin designs in their shop)

2. This book is essentially the map to all the secrets the Disney obsessed are always wondering about

3. A coffee mug with the classiest, sassiest and nassiest gals around...the Muses!  (Ok they aren't actually nasty but they are total babes and I had to go with the rhyming.)

4. PICTOPIA! A picture trivia game the whole family can love and it doubles as an education for your children because start 'em young

5. This Disney Pixar crockpot is so magical it might as well be Merlin's cauldron

6. Everyone needs a fanny pack when they are visiting the happiest places on earth so why not make it a Disney themed fanny pack?

7. These classic Minnie Mouse socks because, after all, she is #1 bae

8. Disney has a plethora of beautiful prints and art available on their website and this "It's a Small World" happens to be a favorite

9. This magic kingdom coordinates bracelet in case they ever get lost, they will know exactly where home is (because Disney World is home.)

10. Disney Gift Card because let's face it, there is a shit ton of Disney merchandise out there and sometimes it's easier to just let the Disney fans get exactly what they have their eye on

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