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14 Ways to Date Yourself on Valentines Day

14 Ways to Date Yourself on Valentines Day

Valentines is here, or so all the commercials and talk shows are telling me.  The other day while watching some talk show that I don’t remember who the guest or host was because I don't usually care about tv, I heard the guest say she doesn’t celebrate Valentines because of she's usually single, and I couldn't help but think that was a waste.  Here was a beautiful woman who didn’t tale advantage of the day itself (although admittedly celebrated the week later when all the crap was on sale so kudos to that genius woman).  If you are soloing this Valentine's day, please let this be your reminder that you don’t have to have a special man or woman or goat in your life to partake in the “festivities.”  I know I won't be.  Valentine's day is all about love, and I think most of us could spend more time on loving ourselves.  I invite and encourage you to do exactly that on February fourteenth, and I don’t mean buy yourself a box of chocolates.  Love yourself.

1. Get a Mani/Pedi/Massage/Facial

Anything to pamper yourself.  You know that manicure you're always saying you don't have time for?  Or that massage that always seemed too expensive?  Go ahead and splurge.  Treat yo’ self because if you need an excuse to love yourself on only special occasions, why not do it on the day specifically about love?

2. Indulge in You Favorite Treat

Unless your favorite treat is chocolates but get that amazing delicious chocolate.  Get yourself a guilt-free treat that makes you make yummy sounds.  

3. Buy Yourself that Special Toy...


C’mon now...don’t be shy.  Your sexuality and needs aren’t something to be ashamed of.  If you want a toy and yu don’t have one, then get one.  If you have one, but been thinking about an upgrade then upgrade.  There's no shame in partaking in solo activities and investing in the best source of pleasure.

4. Take Yourself Out for a Delicious Meal (or order it for take out with Netflix)

I love food.  Food is a great way to celebrate love.  This is just simple math people.  Get yourself your favorite meal, regardless of if you have someone to join you.  If you don’t want to do that, then call for take out!  Get your favorite food and pig out during a re-binge session of Stranger Things because the teaser trailer looked so good.

5. Buy Something Sexy to YOUR Standards

If your definition of sexy is a unicorn kigurumi then you and I might share a brain.  When I mean sexy, I don't mean the traditional form of sexy.  I mean whatever makes you feel sexy.  I feel sexy in a pair of Italian leather mules.  They brighten my day, give me a reason to look forward to my errands and give me confidence.  That is sexy.

6. Do the Opposite 

If you usually stay in and watch Netflix on a Tuesday night find a way to break the habit.  It doesn’t have to be just another Tuesday night.  See a movie, find a meetup event happening near you, call your friends for a girls night in, get in your car and go to the library if that means you are going to be having a good time.  You don’t need an excuse to do any of these things other than breaking the routine.  It’s okay to do that once and awhile you know.

7. Unplug and Indulge in Your Favorite Past-Time


Make yourself unreachable to fully immerse yourself in your favorite thing.  Maybe you have a stack of mangas you’ve been meaning to catch up on.  Do it.  Use this time to do what you love and truly makes you happy.

8. Play Dress Up

It's fun and feels good to look lovely.  I love getting all gussied up for myself, and I think it is a tremendous confidence and self-esteem booster.  Nowhere to go?  No one to see?  Good.  Try on your prettiest outfit and put on your best face and do your own at home photo shoot session.  That doesn't mean put on your clubwear you know.  Maybe you want to try a new cosplay idea or a new makeup trend.  Do it. Live in the moment and try now.

9. Go to the Theater or Museum or SOMETHING Fun

See, to me fun is going to a museum or library, but you should do something that you love wholeheartedly because it is FUN.  Maybe that is sitting at a cafe with a large zebra mocha and a great book that you've read five times already.  Perhaps it is scouring the racks at your go-to comic book store and finding a new title or issue with an artist you admire but haven't yet read.  Go and enjoy yourself because you definitely deserve it.

10. Go Shopping at your Favorite Farmers Market


This one is my go-to self-care and love pleasure.  I check the weekly sales at my thrift store religiously, and there are few places I love more than Pikes Market.  I love seeing all of the produce arranged neatly and artistically and the smell of all of the amazing scents that waft through the corridors.  I love starting my day in Pikes with a walk around scoop of Ellenos Yogurt, and I can't tell you how often I promise myself I am going to try a new flavor, only to yet again get chai.  Afterall, it's my favorite.  

11. Work with your hands


Working with your hands can lead to some incredible joy and pride in your own work.  Take some time to create something that wasn't there before just for the hell of it.  Perhaps you have been pinning a bunch of cute mason jar herb gardens lately.  Take the time and make an excuse to buy all the accouterments you need and make that window sill a little greener.  Get your hands dirty, break out the glue and glitter, just do it.  It is a great feeling of pride when you know and sees something that you created, all on your own.

12. Read a Cheesy Romance Novel


You know these are a guilty pleasure.  There is a cheesy romance novel out there for everyone (and everything while we're at it).  Just go check out your local used bookstore, you will find a plethora of fantastic and albeit, slightly raunchy, novels with ridiculous love triangles and every synonym for a penis you can imagine.  They are hilariously sexy which should be a Nobel Prize category.

13. Make it a Rom-Com Night


Stop fighting it and just watch Someone Like You again for the 1000th time.  What's that you say?  I'm the only one who has watched Someone Like You 999 times?  Well you sir, have very poor taste.  It doesn't have to be Someone Like You, but I firmly believe rom-com's are good for the heart.  Have you even seen When Harry Met Sally?  That movie taught me the beginning of everything I thought I knew of love.  It at least prepared me for some of the very worst.  Rom-coms are all of the worst love advice we could ever hope to get and its necessary to learn to toss right out the window!

14. Write your Happily Ever After


What I mean is write your affirmation.  Not just any old affirmation.  YOUR affirmation.  I firmly believe in making what you want for your life your daily affirmation.  I tell myself multiple times every day that "I am a beautiful and successful artist, designer and blogger who makes a shit ton of money."  Every day multiple times in the day, in my head and out loud so that I know what good things are coming.  I know what want my happily ever after to be so I remind myself to wire my brain for the next phase of happy.  Did you notice none of it had to do with a significant other?  Maybe your happily ever after affirmation consists of a Star Trek wedding if that is what you actually want.  If you are celebrating today Han's Solo style (as in...solo) then please, if you do anything, make sure to make it about you entirely.


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