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Upcycling Air Bubbles in Amazon Packages

Upcycling Air Bubbles in Amazon Packages

I like to think we live in the era of Amazon.  It is a behemoth and makes online shopping all the easier for the low low cost of an Amazon prime membership (remember when people thought it made them special?)

Well if you’ve shopped on Amazon in the last two years, odds are you’ve encountered these…


The air pillow made by AIRplus by STOROpack who have to be stoked to have Amazon as a client.  They are the new packing peanut and while they do their job, if you shop on Amazon as much as I do then you probably have a crap ton of these things.  And you probably hate how much space they take up in your recycling bin, which is kind of our bad because we are too lazy to pop them.  Still, I can’t be the only one who feels like it is so WASTEFUL to have all this shipping material around.  I have become good at reusing my cardboard for art projects and recycling boxes by using them to ship items again BUT what about these air pillows?  You could get twelve of them in a box and what if I don’t need them for sending anything anytime soon?  What else are they good for?


This has gotten me thinking because I am an Amazon addict and I end up with these suckers all the time.  Being the crafty gal I like to think I am, I’ve come up with a few different ways to reuse these space-taking shipping freebies.


Keeping shape in shoes and purses

This is my number one use for air pillows.  For tall boots, these are great at avoiding any folding creases.  It keeps your shoes and bags standing tall, and they hold their shape.  I also like to think they keep spiders out of your shoes which has been a lifelong fear of mine.  


Carry On Liquid Barrier

All you have to do is snip one of the edges off and slip the opened baggy on top of your shampoo and conditioner opening.  Screw the lid back on and VOILA! Avoided shampoo explosion in your luggage.


Jewelry Pillow

Just like keeping the shape to your shoes and purses, these are an excellent way to display your bracelets and watches.  I just wrapped some pretty fabric around the air pillow and added a few simple stitches to have this shelf worthy jewelry organizer and display.


Drainage in Pots

Keep in mind, I am not a gardening expert by any means.  I have tried this once and have had ok results meaning my plant isn't dead.  People recommend using bubble wrap to insulate plants so I figured, what the hell.  This has been a great way to keep my roots dry and not needing to use a crap ton of soil.


Dog Bow Ties

Again some fabric and simple hand stitching and you can have a large bow tie to slip on your dog's collar.  Just wrap a semi deflated air pillow with fabric and seal the edges.  Use another strip of fabric to tie in the center and make a bow shape.  There you have it!  You can tie the big bow to the collar and have a dashing looking old man dog like Tarzan.

The type of air pillows I’ve been playing with are labeled PE-HD 2, meaning they are picked up by most curbside recycling companies.  It is a softer plastic, so it is ok to put them in with your recycling unlike some of the harder plastics.  Since I won't even pretend to understand more than that if you are curious as to what can be recycled and not, head over to your local recycling centers website.  If you are still looking to decipher these codes, this site has been a great tool for me.  Happy upcycling!

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