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A Geek on the Go's Travel Helpers

A Geek on the Go's Travel Helpers


Since my dad passing, I have become a traveling fool.  In the last three months, I think I've spent a grand total of 10 days at my home in Seattle (give or take).  And while under most circumstances, I enjoy the constant chaos and plane rides, this has been a bit more exhausting and emotional for the obvious reasons.  Looking for the silver lining, however, I have become quite the prepared traveler.  From multiple plane rides and layovers, I've got domestic traveling down to a science.  On my last trip, more than half of my travel companions ended up needing to borrow something from me.  I am not saying I am the most experienced traveler by any means, but I have found a few little helpers that make the experience all the easier, and even slightly more enjoyable.


1. Fitness Master Infuser Bottle

The Fitness Master Infuser Water is something I rapidly became obsessed with (as did my boyfriend since I had to order his own so he'd stop stealing mine).  It's pretty simple; it is a 32oz water bottle that has a canister for fruits and teas for you to infuse your water that is super affordable.  Personally, I love that it has so many suction mechanisms to make sure your fruit and water doesn't leak all over the place.  It's tall and slender enough to fit into my backpack or carry on and helps me stay away from the intense junk food cravings (soda) I get while traveling.  Just remember to keep the water portion of the bottle empty before going through security.  If there is any water in it, they will confiscate the entire bottle or make you go back in line and go through security all over again which isn’t the end of the world especially since you can find them here but still, what a hassle.


2. Novelty Bag for small things

This one is a must for me because I usually carry so many little gadgets with me.  I typically have headphones, charging cables, small cosmetics, and my apple pencil adapter with me while I travel for just in case situations and the idea of the rolling around in my purse just leads to the image of them falling into a black hole void.  It is a necessary evil, and I genuinely love looking for small but deep bags that are lovingly designed.  I have a plethora of bags so now I only get the ones I see and enjoy (like this one I found at Nordstrom Rack).  They aren't hard to find though!  Just head over to Amazon, and you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

3. Herbivore Botanical All Natural Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

A refreshing and calming face mist that can give you the quick skin perk you might be looking for after a long flight.  I typically spritz my face with this after de-boarding or before the plane is about to make its descent.  

4. Smiths Rosebud Salve

If you didn't know, I'm a bit of a rose freak, and this salve has been a long time favorite.  Not only is it great for chapped lips and subtle lip tinting, but it is also great for cuticles, dry skin and any other issue you can think of you'd need to spread some slave on.  Even though I mainly use it for my lips since I tend to try out on my flights, I am more than willing to use this on my elbows or any other place that needs a little post-flight pick me up.

5. 7 Year Pen

I LOVE pens.  I typically write with the only pen, and there are very few that I treasure to the point of it begins to look like protective hoarding.  The seven year pens are especially great because 1. they have quirky and cute designs perfect for your personality and 2. it can write up to 7 years all in the hopes to avoid waste.  You can read their entire story and theory here, but these pens are not to be missed.  You can write and help the environment at the same time which everyone should try their best to do.  I have had mine for three years now it is still going strong (of course every once and awhile someone will try to snag it).  They are great pens and to be completely honest, I think everyone on my Christmas list this year will end up with one.  It is always important to carry a pen with you while traveling in case you need to write down a phone number in case your phone dies, jot down an important note or use it as protection in case TSA tries to take your shizz.

6. Comfy Socks

If you've flown in the last 15 years, then you'll be familiar with the protocol of shoe removal.  Rather than fuss with shoes that need to be tied and untied, I opt for sandals or flats that can easily be kicked off at last minute when dealing with a busy security line.  The con to these types of shoes, however, is that they aren't the warmest option and it can get pretty chilly on long flights. ENTER NOVELTY SOCKS!  You can find them anywhere, and they keep your tootsies warm!  Socks are so easy to just shove in your bag, when you get chilly on a flight you will be happy you have them.  And if you want to enter levels of crazy lady like me, you will walk around the plane's cabin in just your socks, so add some goofy designs to them to dress them up.

7. Glossier Blush

I am typically light makeup wearer when traveling, but if you are meeting up with someone immediately after flying, you won't be sorry about bringing Glossiers cloud paint.  Easy to apply and carry, plus it's small enough to fit in your bag anywhere.  It's a great blush for a little natural color and easy to take with you so why not?

8. Leme Headphones

These headphones are a great deal for the price and work like a charm.  That being said, I am not an audiophile.  I couldn't tell you the difference between good and great sounding speakers.  As long as I can hear my music, I am a happy camper, and these headphones do that.  They are comfortable to wear and easily portable and being that they're wireless, I don't get all tangled up in using them.  All in all, a solid purchase and happy with the use I have gotten from them.

9. Adult Workbook

Ah yes, the adult workbook.  The new adult coloring book if my forecasts are correct.  These are fun ways to get in touch with yourself and figure out what you want.  OH,  not to mention they are also great distractions for long, boring flights.  When your phone hits 13% and your books have gotten slow, adult workbooks are there to keep you distracted for the remaining 45 minutes, and since you remembered to bring your seven-year pen, you're all set to go.

All of these items work for my own personal preferences and needs.  I strongly urge you to shop around and try to find the best deal or item for you.  Think of this list as a jumping off point and fun ideas to keep your next flight plan as comfortable and distracted as possible.


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