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Fad or Bad: Glossier

Fad or Bad: Glossier

I am usually reluctant to try anything that smells like a fad, or anything that feels pushed on me.  Which is why I took months and months and months to finally order some of this new fangled cosmetic line my best friend kept pushing me to buy. Still, I was curious since suddenly I started seeing and hearing about this new, cool girl, cosmetic startup, Glossier.  

Initial Thoughts:

I love the packaging.  Black, white and pink? Clean space?  Perfect for STICKERS which they include??  Instant love.  However, the first time I visited their site it far from anything close to convinced.  My first visit was before most of their makeup had come out.  They had their famous boy brow and plenty of skin care, but I was already on a regime I loved, and most moisturizers make me break out, so I'm always scared to try a new one.  I passed.  After a million times of being reminded to buy glossier and a year's time passing, I revisited and was pleasantly surprised to find new things I could easily fill my top shelf with.  I'll admit to being skeptical - any makeup I can't go and play with in person like a leap of faith, but I tried it.  I started with their boy brow, and *spoiler* loved it so continued to venture on.

What I’ve tried:


Boy Brow (Brown) - Well as the spoiler above highlighted, I love the boy brow.  I will wear the brown on its own or over the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade if I want an especially bold brow.  My brows stay in place, and I feel fabulous while wearing it without feeling like I drew large blocks above my eyes.  I love how natural it looks and feels.  Plus, I don’t feel the need to find the perfect brow lady, an endless personal pursuit.  I ended up loving the Boy Brow in brown so much when I ordered a replacement, I got a second tube in the clear for when I want a more “I woke up like this but not really” look.


Cloud Paint (Puff) - I can’t believe how much I love this.  And this shade.  You can build it up for a bright color or have a thin, subtle top layer.  It wears well and lasts throughout the day though at first, but I felt like a n00b applying it.  I thought I had too much, so I started wiping and rubbing, and it felt like a mess was happening.  Now, I dole out just a small bit and lightly dab the color onto the area I want a little blush.  Glossier has been having a sale on the cloud paints, so I will admit I now own each of the blush colors...oops! No regrets.

Haloscope (Quartz) - A mixture of skincare and makeup at it's finest.  This great highlighter has an inner hydrating goodness with a dewy, pearly finish.  I have turned into a highlighter maniac.  I used to be matte, matte, matte.  Now I look like a shining disco ball babe.  After I had purchased my first haloscope in quartz, I invested in topaz and moonstone with zero regrets to report.

Generation G (Cake) - I'm not going to lie, it feels more like a tinted balm than a lipstick.  It wears an ok amount of time, and the colors are all neutral enough so that I don’t look like I have pounds of makeup on.  I wouldn't say it is my favorite lipstick, but it is ideal for a day wear shade.  I ended up getting Like and Zip because I always need more pink and red lipstick.


Balm Dotcom (Original and Rose) - Great and amazing salve that I use...EVERYWHERE.  I have used this on my lips (obviously), elbows, cuticles, dry spots and more.  I love the original, especially at night after I’ve moisturized.  It’s become the cherry on top of the cake for my nightly pamper ritual, and I love it.  I also love the Rose for the light pink tint and added to coconut and birthday cake to my collection.  


Lip Gloss - If you like lip gloss get it.  If you don’t like lip gloss, you might be surprised.  This stuff leaves your lips to be juicy and glossy looking, I just can't get enough of it. This is now the only lipgloss I will keep in my collection because it doesn't dry my lips out which is a big problem I've run into with other brands like Stila and Sephora.  

Stretch Concealer (Light) - It's a nice, light concealer….that  makes me break out.  It’s perfect for dark circles under my eyes but forget about using it on blemishes unless you want to build it up in which case you'll just have a large dot on your face.  I could have lived without it, but I will continue to use it until I'm done and probably won’t reorder it.

Milky Jelly Cleanser - This is a fine cleanser.  I love that it takes away all of my makeup and my face feels clean after, but I still have a hard time with dry cleansers.  I just don't love it, but I think I can be persuaded to see the light after more uses.  I feel clean, and I can tell it’s doing its job, I just don't LOVE the dry cleanser.  I think I have to get through a whole bottle before I can say if I will want to buy again.



Verified fab fad.  I love it and am committed.  It's really hard to pick a personal favorite out of everything If you are on the fence about purchasing from Glossier, then try small like I did.  Try the boy brow.  When you check out, get a sample of the cleanser or moisturizer, and maybe you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Also WARNING you may become obsessed with Emily Weiss after exploring the brand and learning more about her.  Beware, she's phenomenal and fabulous and you will want to be her.  If you have tried Glossier and have some thoughts you'd like to share, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


*All products in this post were paid for by me with my own hard earned cash - this is not a sponsored post.

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