A Creatives Challenge: I Have Writers Block


I have writer's block, and it sucks.  Well, its not writer's block per say - I have a considerable google file of posts I want to write and work on, but I have writers “I don’t want to” which to me, is another type of writer's block.  Even while I am writing this and I know I want to write it I am struggling because all I want to do really is turn on the office and get in a bubble bath and turn my brain off which luckily I am going to permit myself to do soon but first, I need to write this post.  Not because of a deadline, which I do have, but because I worry that if I give into this form of writer's block, it will carry over into tomorrow and then begins a spiral.  So here I am pushing through so that tomorrow I don’t struggle.  I am taking the first step towards facing this type of creative block which is doing, and it’s not easy.  

Thankfully before you read this, I will have edited probably once or twice so it won’t feel as blocky as it is coming up.  In the raw, unedited version of this post, it would look like the real version of “throwing shit against a wall and seeing what sticks” when it comes to writing a post.  And truthfully I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted this post to go when I started so yea, it slightly is a rant, but as I move through it I realize what I want to say.

To all my fellow creatives out there who are working it every day and hustling every day, I feel you, man.  Being a creative is not easy.  It looks easy from the outside, and you probably hear people say all the time how they wish they could do what you’re doing because you are so talented you make it look easy, but I am right there with you.  And I want to remind you that you are KILLING IT and making it happen.  Creatives are witches and wizards, crafting things from thin air.  Be proud of that magic and keep pushing it because the more you trek on, even when it is hard, and you don’t want to, the more unusual things you are going to create.  Even though I haven’t met you personally, I am already inspired by you.  We are a community of people who are trying the break the mold and make a living by doing so, and I am so incredibly thankful to be in this diversely beautiful world with you.  

It is kind of crazy how this post progressed.  It started with me dragging my feet and all of a sudden I find myself thoroughly inspired and it has to do with the progression of just doing.  If you are having a hard time right now and facing your own creative block, I urge you to go ahead and start throwing some shit at the wall, whatever form of wall it may be (painting, writing, musically speaking).  The first couple of throws might not stick, even the first hundred throws might now stick but eventually, if you keep throwing something is going to land, and it’s going to be beautiful and I, personally, really can’t wait to see what it is.