Recent Reads: the sun and her flower by Rupi Kaur


Please take this post with a grain of salt as I haven’t read much poetry and haven’t studied it in years.  Personally, I love poems of all forms but am by no means a studied expert.  In fact, Rupi Kaur is the first poet I have read in a long time, but she has inspired me to pick up more poetry books on recent trips to the bookstore.  

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur is the second collection of poetry she has published, following Milk and Honey and while I have read both, her newest compilation really hits home for me.  Kaur’s prose doesn’t really follow that of a traditional poet, which personally I find refreshing.  So much of her poetry hits home on a personal level, especially if you identify with the female gender.  From facing the struggles of womanhood to acceptance and appreciation for her roots, Kaur covers a range of emotions and experiences that most women are familiar with.  

I started reading The Sun and Her Flowers while I was visiting my mother who quickly rebuffed it for merely being a book of poetry.  It is just her personal reading taste.  She isn’t a fan of poetry...usually.  After reading her a few excerpts of Kaurs work my mother was instantly enchanted saying "now this is poetry I could read" and even asked to borrow the book.  That being said, if you enjoy classical poetry, then there is a good chance this book isn’t for you.  She has a very raw way of writing that most likely won’t appeal to the classically read poetry enthusiast but for someone who is more of a newb such as myself, and my mom, this could be a great place to start.  

Just on a pure gut reaction level, I genuinely love this book.  It feels familiar and as if I get learning from a friend who has experienced some shit in her life.  The emotion that Kaur can create while reading her poetry is astounding, and the path to success that she carved for herself is inspiring enough to me that I will always buy her books.  It isn’t just her words that are encouraging.  She's taken an unconventional route to find success and carve a niche for herself which I find amazingly inspiring.  In fact, I believe that I see her poetry so moving and inspiring because she puts so much of herself into each piece.  She is a young woman modernizing and revitalizing a writing medium that sometimes feels extinct, but here she is, thriving and bringing her words to life in the form of poetry.  I genuinely respect Kaur, in fact, I would love to one day meet her and hear her speak. 

If you have a moment, I strongly encourage you to read through her FAQ on her website.  She shares her experiences and the path she took towards her success without being vague and also being brutally honest about her creative process.  There were times she hated it, and it took multiple drafts to accomplish what she was setting out to achieve.  There is no doubt in my mind that she is an amazing and strong young woman and her poetry exhibits that.