11 Nerdy Candy Ideas For Your Valentines Beau


Valentine's day is coming up which means there is about to be a whole lot of candy everywhere and while chocolates are a great way to celebrate the holiday of love (because who doesn't love chocolate?) running to the closest drug store and picking up a giant heart box of candies just doesn’t cut it.  It screams “last minute thought” which is why I am sharing this post now, weeks before the 14th, so you have plenty of time to order some fun and fancy chocolates for your geeky paramour.  All of these chocolates are not only beautiful but so wonderfully geeky, how could your better half not go crazy over them? 

1. These amazingly cool and delectable looking planetary lollipops by

2. A Doctor Who chocolate pack that is just plain STUNNING!

3. This giant chocolate dice for your tabletop game lover-lover

4. Some Unicorn Bark by Lolli & Pop is perfect for the mystical love you've found in your life

5. This Zombie chocolate egg filled with body parts is the only way to say EYE love you to your horror obsessed paramour

6. A library collection of chocolates doesn't require a library card but instead a Valentine's Card

7. This Millennium Falcon sized Millennium Falcon chocolate sculpture will have your Star Wars sweetheart over the three moons of Tatooine

8. An Avengers back of chocolate is a super way to show some appreciation for your super hero obsessed lover

9. Give the gift of a chocolate controller for the console gamer in your life

10. A Giant Chocolate Frog (5.3oz to be precise) is a straight up magical way to show your love this Valentines day

11. Keep it simple and loving by sticking to the classics with some 8 bit heart chocolates for the geek of all fandoms in your life