11 Things in Your Home that Needs Pom Poms on Them Immediately


I have recently put a great effort into not watching a lot of Netflix (another post for another time), and one of the beautiful things to come from the said effort is the rediscovery of my trusty old hot glue gun.  A hot glue gun to a DIYer is essentially the same as that calvary revolver to Dolores in Westworld.  They follow us everywhere and are our trusty friends for when we are in a bind or need to shoot our creators in the head (who else is hype AF for season2?!?!?)  

In all seriousness, finding my hot glue gun got me all excited like discovering a big pile of candy.  I wanted to start crafting immediately but what could I do?  Then a package arrived.  A box filled with pom poms and my destiny became clear.  I needed to put pom poms on everything, and that is precisely what I did.  If you are in the mood for crafting and want to add some color to your house, then I highly recommend breaking out your trusty ol’ hot glue gun and ordering some poms (I used these, these, these and these) and get to gluin'.  If you are running short on ideas of what to pommify, never despair.  I’ve got you covered with the eleven things in my home I realized needed poms on them.