25 Free Acts of Self Care: Taking Care of Yourself After the Holiday Season on a Budget

 Photo by  Logan Nolin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

We are all reaching the point of the year where we cant spend any more money because the holidays have impacted our accounts in one way or another.  This is about the time of year where we all need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves because, well let's face it, this time of year can quickly get the best of us.  Not only is it the most wonderful time of year but also can be the most stressful but you can breathe because it is finally over.  You made it guys.  You survived another year of nonstop social engagements, shopping lists that seem to never end, and extra calories so your clothes are a smidgen tighter.  You know, I saw a meme recently about how January is the toughest month of the year because we are all broke and fat from the holiday which seems like an exaggeration but feels so real.  If you are looking for some affordable ways to take care of yourself then I have some ideas that I am utilizing myself because I am so damn tired after this holiday season. 

  1. Take 30 minutes a day to read a book you already own and have been meaning to read

  2. Go outside for a nice walk

  3. While you're outside, pick some flowers

  4. Visit Explore.com and find a live cam stream of some nature (or a room full of puppies)

  5. Clean out some drawers

  6. Write a letter to your future self

  7. Turn your phone off

  8. While your phone is off, turn on your favorite movie and veg out while completely enjoying it

  9. Doodle the first thing that comes to mind

  10. Do a simple craft for yourself like something you would have done as a kid at summer camp

  11. Play dress up

  12. “Window” shop online at individual artists stores found on Etsy

  13. Take some time to just put on headphones and listen to your favorite music

  14. Change your sheets, so they are nice and clean

  15. While you are at it, head to bed early

  16. Take a hot shower or bath and just enjoy the warmth

  17. Research volunteer opportunities in your area and commit to yourself to do so - helping others helps yourself

  18. Watch Bob Ross painting videos on YouTube

  19. Prepare a to-do list of the most comfortable things you can accomplish for the next day and will help ease your mind

  20. Take an hour to organize a space in your house that feels chaotic

  21. Listen to your favorite podcast, undisturbed

  22. Brew yourself a nice pot of hot tea

  23. Take the time to think about it and write down five things you are grateful for

  24. Take some time to meditate - I love the meditation and mindfulness coach, Elisha Goldstein who has several guided meditations available for free through YouTube

  25. Clean out your social media - unfollow those annoyingly negative relatives you don’t even see most of the time anyway