DIY: Magic Cat Jar (Kitty Treat Jar)


If you haven’t noticed, I love animals.  I especially love cats, namely my cat, Olivia.  She is sweet and beautiful and sassy and sometimes a complete bitch.  Her personality is pretty much a spectrum that could be compared to that of a human who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, but she's mine, and I love her and waking up to see what mood and who she is going to be that day.  Most commonly, she is the troublemaker.  The one who can open drawers and scale bookshelves to sneak into things she's not supposed to sneak into, like her treats.  

If you have a food motivated cat, then you’re probably familiar with the struggle.  You walk by and hear a hurried munching only to find your cat desperately eating the treats she knocked to the floor as fast as she can before you take them away.  The treat baggies don’t cut it anymore since she has now figured out several ways to break into them so I have had to resort to storing her kitty treats in a small jar that I reused from something pickled and delicious (although thoroughly cleaned).  

Being completely honest, I hate how ugly the little jar looked, and I had to keep reminding my housemates that it was trash and full of kitty treats.  SO I DIYed myself a label and made a label and voila!  A magical jar that makes a cat appear when shaken vigorously.  


You will need:

A Small Jar (I reused a small kimchi jar)
Craft Cardstock (or paper of your choice - I used this)
Glue Sticks
Printer - optional if you decide to use my printable I have included
Kitty Treats

You can always hand make your own label but you can still download the label I already made here.  I included the printer's cut lines on the PDF so you can see exactly where to cut the printout!

cat jar label example.jpg


1. Thoroughly clean out jar, so that foreign smells don't get on your kitties treaties.

2. Print out the printable label or draw your own label design.

3. Cut out the label and trim to correct size for the clean, dry jar.


4. Coat back of the label with glue and carefully apply the label to the jar and press to make sure it is stuck on there good.  Wait for the glue to dry.

5. Fill the jar with kitty treats and shake.  

6. Hug and kiss on the kitty that will appear.