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DIY Dangle Earring Tree

DIY Dangle Earring Tree


Lately, I keep thinking how badly I need a good jewelry box, but whenever I put my earrings away, I usually end up forgetting about jewelry.  So instead I’ve started to look for a good jewelry stand, but I haven’t found any I like. 

I’ve looked around for a while now, and nothing just speaks out to me.  Well, there are some things, but if you think I am going to pay $100 for a jewelry organizer, then you have me seriously confused with the queen of England because I am not about to drop that much money on that.  Finally, I said screw it.  Time to make my own.  I gathered a few bits from my crafting supplies surplus and put together some dangle earring stands that I really like so I wanted to share with you what I made and how I did in case you too are looking for an earring stand and can’t seem to find anything you like and are also NOT the Queen of England.

You Will Need:

Triangle wood or MDF cut out that is as least 7" tall and 1" thick (you can go to home depot to have it cut or order a pre-cut piece here
Paper graphic of your choice (I used a full page photo from the Departures magazine “Japanese” Edition
Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge
Drill and drill bits
X-Acto knife
Kebab Sticks or Dowels (I used kebab spears cut to 1" length)
Super Glue
Cutting Mat


1. Paint the edges of your wood cut out the color of your choice and let dry.
2. Prep the surface of the wood with a light layer of Mod Podge and stick your design on the front of your triangle stand.
3. Use X-Acto knife to trim away excess paper and show triangle shape.
4. Spread another light layer of mod podge on top of the design to seal paper art and let dry for 24 hours
5. Measure out drill spots with ruler and use 5/32" bit to drill holes.
6. Make sure the dowels fit in the drilled hole.  You can paint the dowels if you'd like but make sure to do it before attaching to your stand. After you are sure, add some glue to the end of that bad boy and press firmly into the hole (that's what she said).  Allow glue to dry.  
7. Set on your vanity and dress and Stick your favorite dangle or hoop earrings on the dowels!  Voila!

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