DIY: Embroidered Funky Fun Boho Cat Face Pillow


I love funky and comfy throw pillows.   From book reading props to pillow fights, I use our throw pillows and like changing the different patterns around to create an eclectic vibe on my bed.  To add a little personality to my collection, I wanted to make my own happy face pillow, so I that's exactly what I did!

You will need:


Extra large men's plain t-shirt
Embroidery Thread (I prefer DMC thread but have tried and used the thread linked and it works just fine for this project)
Embroidery Needles
Embroidery Hoop
Pom Poms
Pillow/Toy Stuffing
Fabric Chalk/Marker
Hot Glue - optional 

This DIY may take a fair amount of time depending on how fast with a needle you are.  A small pillow takes me about 3 to 4 hours of crafting time altogether.  While I choose to sew the pom poms on at the end, hot gluing them will drastically cut down your crafting time.



1. Trace cat shape head ontop shirt and cut out (if you are struggling with shape draw a big square with two triangles in the corner for the ears)
2. Trace/transfer downloadable cat face on top shirt
3. Secure t-shirt in embroidery hoop and fill in space with colors and stitches of choice
4. Once complete with the front embroidered part of your pillow, sew the fronts and back together using a blanket stitch.
5. Leave about 2-3 inches unsewn and stuff pillow with pillow stuffing.
6. Once stuffed, complete sewing pillow together with continued blanket stitch
7. Sew or hot glue pom poms onto edge of the pillow
8. Throw on your favorite Papasan!