Freebie Alert! Printable Valentines Day Cards


Valentines Day is next week, and perhaps you forgot or maybe you didn’t have time to get to Target this week and see what sort of Valentine's cards they had OR you are like me and didn’t feel like driving or going there and spending money on them.  All are fine, we are all human, and I have got you covered which some free printable valentines cards that I made and think are pretty damn hilarious.  Are they creepy? A little. Are they cute? Not really, pretty much only creepy but that’s the best kind of love to share with others.  Your creepy, ransom style love.  Because that’s what these are, creepy ransom note valentines.  


 If you want to be extra, well I do have some ideas for you.  Then just print out the cards, make a few small snips or a piece of tape for candy and seal the valentine shut with some cute stickers and your Valentine will hopefully have a good sense of humor and get a laugh. 

Click here to download Free Printable Ransom Note Valentines Day Cards