How to Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your Besties When They Are Far, Far Away


Valentines Day is great, and all but what I truly look forward to every February is the 13th, better known as Galentines Day.  Just a day for ladies, celebrating ladies.  But what if your favorite lady is far, far away?  Not in another dimension or anything that drastic but not physically close to you.  Like, she’s in Las Vegas, and you’re in Seattle which is exactly what’s happening with my favorite lady and me this Galentines Day.  Its hard living so far away from your best friend but even harder on the day you really want to stare into her beautiful blue eyes and tell her things that creep her out because they are coming from such an intense place of love that it makes her husbands wedding vows to sound like the Swedish Chef trying to recite the recipe for Swedish meatballs while on PCP.  

Unfortunately for my bestie’s husband, the distance between us isn’t going to stop me from celebrating Galentines day with her or at least prevent me from forcing my love on her.  This year even though we will be miles away from one another while other bff’s are brunching, we will still be celebrating each other, breakfast style, with these ways.

Video Chat Date
Video calls have turned into a favorite of ours, so much so that if we have something, we need to ask one another quickly we will just facetime one another.  It is the perfect pick-me-up when I am missing her face and usually filled with lots of laughter because we both think we are hilarious.  I definitely will be Facetiming her this February 13th so we can talk about how excited we are to be seeing one another in less than two weeks (because at that point, we will be).  

Care Package
Surprise care packages are fun and an excellent way to show how much you love your friend.  This year, my Galentines care package included some Star Wars goodies for her, candies (obviously), other tokens of friendship and a waffle cookie because I really don’t feel like having Leslie Knope show up at my doorstep to stomp me.  As you can see, she was very excited to receive her Galentines Package...even though she wasn’t supposed to open it until the 13th.  I don’t blame her though - I would have done the same thing.

Friendship Bracelet
While you are at it, why not do it up old-school style and send her a friendship bracelet.  You remember, those things you used to make at summer camp during arts and crafts time.  Somewhere, deep in your memory are the instructions to making a friendship bracelet that could easily and quickly be sent to your bestie (just throw it in the above-mentioned care package), but in case you have forgotten, such as myself, you are in luck.  Pinterest and YouTube are FILLED with easy to follow friendship bracelet instructions that will have you weaving embroidery thread faster than you can say “why not just buy it?” BECAUSE IT COMES FROM YOUR HEART!

Send them some Waffles with Dennys Delivery
Did you guys know Denny's delivery was a thing?  I didn’t either until a few nights ago when I was curious where I could get pancakes brought to me at 11:37 pm one Saturday night.  Dennys.  Dennys is where I can get pancakes delivered to my doorstep at 11:37 pm (I didn’t go through with it FYI I was just curious).  Surprise your friend with some prepaid waffles and order yourself some while you're at it because its galentines day and we really should be giving thanks to the supreme goddess herself, Leslie Knope, and celebrate her by raising a waffle and toasting her for reminding us to love and honor one another #girlpower.

Or if your Besties thing is more pizza, send them a heart shaped one
Papa Johns offers Valentines heart shaped pizzas.  If your bestie is like mine and thinks of pizza as a magical substance (because it is), then send her that pizza and show her how much you are thinking of her that day!

Make a mixtape (or playlist) for them
Even though mixtapes and CD burning parties are now a thing of the past, you can still make your bestie a “mixtape” with a shared playlist on Spotify of all the songs that remind you of your friendship with them.  I won’t lie, a lot of the mixtape I put together for her is the Beatles and Queen, two bands we both were obsessed with in our teens but I included some love songs in there for her.  I just hope that when she listens to the mixtape I made for her, she thinks of me every time and also, is kind of confused why I put some songs on there.  Spoiler alert - I put them on there so that they would get stuck in her head the rest of the day and think about me all day.  You’re welcome. 

Watch the Galentines Day episode of Parks and Rec and live chat while doing it
I think by now my bestie is pretty much used to me live chatting her my thoughts about shows while I am watching them so this time I am going to suggest (make her) that we watch season 2, episode 16 of Parks and Rec, aka the first time we learned about Parks and Rec.  While we are watching the fantastic show that it is at the same time, we will be texting and chatting away as if we are watching it side by side.  Witty commentary will be included making the episode all the better.