Etsy Essentials: Pink Pal Store


I have recently become a huge fan of textile arts so it makes sense that I would flip for Pink Pals on Etsy.  I originally found this Etsy store through the magical and sometimes dangerous world of Instagram and the moment she shared a quick snap of her “You Should Smile More” Broad City embroidery I messaged to see when and if it was going to be available.  The shop owner quickly listed the embroidered piece and even shipped to the US when requested (so don’t let the warning on the listings page dissuade you - just send a message!)

I received my art piece seemingly quicker than it took to order it, even crossing the pond.  I love the simple artwork that the creator focuses on, and their stitching is so well done it, it really brings each piece of art to life.  Truly, when you start to follow Pink Pals stitches and really examine, you will notice how much detail is being put into each of these designs.  I am drawn to the color scheme of pinks and greens that seem to scattered throughout the shop, but I really appreciate that every single piece feels like its own original work of art because IT IS.  If you are looking for a small and original piece of art to fill in space on your walls, run over to Pink Pal by PinkPalStore on Etsy for plenty of options.  

Click here to shop Pink Pals Store on Etsy!

I was not paid or asked to promote this Etsy shop, I used my own money and just really love them and wanted to share my review.