The Quest to Game: Trying to Find a Game my Fiance and I Can Play Together


A few years ago, I met a wonderfully geeky man-boy who loved playing video games, and we fell in love.  Yuck, gross I just wrote that.  But we did, and I won’t lie, our background and love for video gaming earned points with one another. 

Fast forward to today, and we still can’t find a video game we enjoy playing together.  

We have definitely tried and unless I am willing to jump back into the dangerous world of WoW (which I am not) we just have to keep trying to guess.  Perhaps it was naive, but I always assumed it would be easier to find a game that we could both enjoy playing together but nothing ever seems to line up.  I prefer RPGs and casual games, and he is pretty much a PVPer for life.  If he isn’t being ranked, then he loses interest pretty fast, and if I am being ranked, it gives me anxiety and kills an element of joy for the game.  When I think about it, it just gets down to the core of our personalities and interest.  He is a die-hard video game lover and always has been to the point that he built a company in that industry and continues his “target acquired” gamer attitude towards business.  I, on the other hand, have always been more of a zen gamer.  I find more joy in games like Harvest Moon and like to be able to come back and forth when it comes to gaming.  It’s more of the joy of playing and art of the game rather than the joy of playing and winning that he has.  

We still haven’t let it stop us from playing video games together (even if it isn't the same game), and gaming is a massive part of our relationship.  I help him in any way I can when it comes to his business, we still play hours on end together (even if it isn’t the same game) and he decided to propose to me after we had had a fantastic video game filled day.   It just goes to show how something as simple as a “hobby” can unite people in all forms of relationships. From friendships to love to arch enemies, video gaming creates a community that connects its members and can motivate you to continue pushing those relationships to the next level IRL and not just in-game.  We love video games and each other and hopefully we will find a video game we like to play together one day.