Skin Care Routine Additions Worth Talking About


Alright, I am back at it.  If you have read in the past then you’ll know I am a freak when it comes to skincare and have a thought out routine for my mornings and night when it comes to taking care of my skin but its been awhile since I last shared what I was putting on my face and I actually have some updates.  I have added three new products to my routine, all which I was super skeptical about, but I can say I am full blown obsessed with all of them now and some of them I thought I would never in a million years like.

You may have noticed when I went in depth as to what I was using before I didn’t use a moisturizer.  I have hyaluronic in the morning as well as some facial oil and a night treatment that also had moisturizer attributes but no flat out moisturizer and the reason has been pretty simple: I am afraid of them.  My skin is fussy and finicky, and one wrong product will send me into an all-out breakout.  My skin can be pretty oily under the right circumstances, and it's been hard to know what to believe when I read professional opinions.  Some say to stay away, and others say it is the only thing that's standing between looking like a person and a wrinkled leather jacket.  After years and years of trial and nothing but error (i.e., painful, gross breakouts with giant gaping pores) I finally found a product that my skin likes, not just a product but an actual moisturizer that I can use without my skin looking like an aerial shot from the movie Holes.  

  (is it the movie or a close up of my skin?)

 (is it the movie or a close up of my skin?)

Herbivore Botanics Rosewater Moisturizer is the hydrating goodness in a glass jar my face has been waiting for all its life.  I haven’t taken anything out of my routine, just found the right space for it and it leaves my skin refreshed, quenched and looking like a dewy goddess.  I know the price tag on herbivore products can be intimidating, but everything I have purchased from them has lasted so long because you don’t need a whole lot to go a long way and the rosewater moisturizer continues the trend. If you have struggled with moisturizers as I did, I suggest giving it a try, and luckily Sephora has an exclusive on it so you can get a sample - if they have it in stock.  Which when I last checked they didn't, which isn’t surprising but you can always find it through Herbivores website. 

The next addition to my morning and nighttime routine is the newest product from the geniuses at Glossier.  We have been asking, and they finally delivered - an acne-focused exfoliator or as they call it, the Solution.  Well, we wanted something for acne, but they took that request and ran with it and ended up creating a product that is great for anyone who has skin on their face.  Glossier’s Solution helps smooth skins texture and not only has greatly helped with my breakouts but also has made my pores visibly smaller and my skin always looks like its glowing.  I also like that unlike other acne focused products; I can FEEL this work.  Even if I haven’t caught a breakout, I can feel the Solution target pores that are threatening to erupt overnight with a slight stinging sensation and my skin always feels tighter after application.  Even though it is an AHA, it is gentle enough, so I include it in my nightly routine which contains retinoids, though I will admit my skin feels stickier than it does in the morning.  So far I have found it to be a winner and help my skin when it comes to breakouts and has had the bonus of not giving me any “new product breakouts” which are always a threat when starting something new.

The final new product I will admit to being a huge skeptic about at first because, well, they sound ridiculous because they are zit stickers.  Exactly - they sound ridiculous, but they were too tempting to resist at least trying.  I spotted one of my queens wearing them while getting ready in an Instagram story and was immediately intrigued by what they hell they were.  After some closer research, they seemed like bullshit, but at $4 for a sheet of 24, I was willing to make that bet.  The theory behind these little stickers is that you leave it on top of freshly cleaned skin and they suck the crap out of your zits like a sponge.  So they are more like zit sponges.  I honestly didn’t think these would do much for me because I usually struggle with clogged pores and hormonal acne rather than things ready to pop and everything I read suggested that these were ideal for the latter.   When I received them, I decided to test on a few areas and see what would happen.  Obviously, they did nothing for my pores as stated but I also tested it out on a deep-rooted blemish that I have had for MONTHS.  Seriously this thing was plaguing me.  Even though it was barely visible, I knew it was there and reached a point where I was resolved that I would just have to live with it.  After wearing the sticker for 45 minutes, I became even less of a believer because I could feel it become loose and not sticking to my skin as well as it had when it was first applied only it wasn’t because it wasn’t working.  Sorry to be gross but this little sticker sucked so much crap out of this blemish I couldn’t get to go away that it was way over saturated.  I had to use a second sticker to get everything out, and now I can happily say that blemish is long gone.  

Just like all things we put on our skin, what works for me might not work for you.  There are a lot of people out there who have nothing but horror stories when it comes to Glossier and sifting through Amazon reviews can feel a lot like panning for gold when looking for useful information.  Skincare is an extremely personal form of self-care in the sense that what works for me might not work for you.  That being said, I have had a lot of good luck with the new additions that I mentioned here.  As a woman with fussy and highly sensitive skin, they have been welcomed additions, and if you share the similar skin concerns as me then you might want to do some research about the products I mentioned above, but PLEASE don’t go and buy them based off my post alone.  Educate yourself before you invest in anything and always be a little bit weary.