Etsy Essentials: UtinniCrafts


Instagram can be a fantastic place for finding other Etsy stores.  I recently was fortunate enough to stumble upon Utinni Crafts, an out of this world fun shop ran by a very lovely and talented Jawa that handcrafts adorable geeky accessories but obviously has a particular fondness for Star Wars.  Her sweet porg hair bows seem to be a continuous crowd pleaser but I know I couldn't be any happier with my BB-8 bow clip and make-up bag.  Don’t believe me?  Check out her reviews!  Literally, every review is 5-stars, and the recurring theme throughout them is how well-made her products are, which I can definitely attest to.  In fact, my BB-8 pouch has quickly become my favorite carry-on go to for containing all my favorite drawing supplies while traveling. It gets bonus points for the multiple compliments I have received on it on a few plane rides I’ve taken recently. 


It's not just her pouches where she puts her superb sewing skills to use.  I mentioned above her adorable bows. In fact, as I write this, I have my hair twisted into a top bun with my UtinniCraft BB-8 clip keeping it in place as it is officially the only clip I own that is strong enough to secure the thick jungle that is my hair.  Not only are her clips well-made, but they are also comfortable, and as someone who is a lover of Disneybounding, I can not stress how much I love that.  Usually, at the end of a trip to Disneyland, I am beyond exhausted, so the added pressure of wearing a semi-costume to Disneybound feels like a labor of love.  With these clips, that is NOT the case, and I can not wait for my next Disneybounding trip because you can bet I will be going as my beloved BB-8 and 100% comfortable.  I already have the outfit planned, now I just need to work on putting together the trip.


On top of offering a high-quality product, she also provides excellent customer service.  In addition to being quick to respond, she is super sweet and very helpful.  I have always believed it is essential to support your fellow crafters and artists, but it makes it even easier and perhaps justified when they are as kind as the Jawa behind UtinniCrafts.  I definitely have her store favorited and bookmarked so when I am ready to replace or update my Disneybounding game, her's will be the first stop on my quest.

Also as a side note for you 501st followers and dreamers, you should check out her listing for a Jawa costume here, especially if you have dreams of joining your local garrison.  If you have a love for Star Wars, Porgs, Disneybounding or accessorizing I strongly urge you to check out UtinniCrafts on Etsy and show her some love.  I think you would be hardpressed to find yourself disappointed with your order and who knows, you might even find yourself going back for more.  

Click here to shop UtinniCrafts on Etsy!